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This program is simply obsolete, at least, for a year

Vladimir Putin has published the electoral programme. The prime minister has suggested to create administrative courts for consideration of complaints of citizens to the state. Political scientist Leonid Radzihovsky has commented on these positions to the leader FM to Andrey Norkinu.

- the First that I want to ask: it here new Putin 2. 0 about which told in particular, Dmitry Peskov and in general many?

- I, to tell the truth, especial new here have not noticed anything. Usual reliable populism: to children - ice-cream, the woman - flowers.

- in general all usually? Anything at all has not surprised, not rezanulo? For example, point that it is necessary to stop low-standard programs on television to show and to be guided by qualitative production our domestic more. It seems to me, here any conflict exists, is not present?

- it is original! Better it is more, but it is better. Better more it is better, but is less more worst. Andrey, well is a kindergarten such. On - to mine, this program is

- And what sense then?

- It prokatila four years ago, and all in delight would shout, maybe, not on your radio, and can and on yours.

- on ours - four years ago precisely is not present, it yet was not.

- it is excellent. On other radio all one in delight would shout: What ingenious program! others thoughtfully would discuss. The third hardly - hardly bit, showing the free-thinking. But today in conditions when Putin`s power is unsteady extensively when all has started moving, this program simply obsolete, at least, exactly for a year. For silent, peace stagnant time, very much even anything to itself and when the main point is set: And why you, Vladimir Vladimirovich, apply for the power? Why you want to go for the fourth term? - even the hint on this question there is not present. What in you, personally in you such remarkable, what you should reign successively four terms? on this question of the answer is not present.

- And why is not present? Because this program is calculated simply on other audience which does not ask such question?

- Because this program as always lags behind the times. Because, I think, Putin now in very heavy stressful position, they have tried to write the program such obshchepopulistskuju: to touch nobody, to offend nobody. And on the most unpleasant, most difficult questions, it is simply difficult to answer them, including it is difficult to answer to itself.

- And why then in general it began to do? Was Perhaps, cleverer and more correct not to go on such step? Any program such not to publish?

- Is not present, well pardon! The candidate for presidents needs the wife, apartment, a dog, two children, the program. About what you speak? The candidate without the program is, at least, interesting.

- Dmitry Peskov has told that all interested persons can take part now in discussion of this project, the offers to bring, that is, as though this text will be finished. However, as far as I understand, now there, basically, the offer to Vladimir Putin is in the lead to retire. Whether there is a chance any, what by results of this national discussion as - that will change the document, opinions of those who in something does not agree will be considered?

- the Document, of course, will change, but here one or the other: or in it soup will add 200 gramme of groats, or they will merge this soup and will weld new soup, here a choice at them such. If all presidential campaign is built, and it is rather reasonable, from my point of view, from a position To spit on you, on these revolting hamsters, and you to me strangers, and I to you the stranger, to us to talk there is nothing, my voter are grandmothers from villages, they are pensioners, it is the North Caucasus, they are officials here then in general it is necessary to change nothing and it is silent, peacefully to go in the same way: I this environment will type the majority, and that you will swear, be spat, you will be dissatisfied, yes god with you, to us to talk there is nothing . Then still hardly - hardly groats to pour, increase ice-cream to children and to add gvozdichku to the woman - all. If attempt to have a talk with that part of electorate is made, with that Russia then it is necessary to splash out immediately this soup and to cook absolutely another.

- but time for it already is not present, yes?

- business not in time, business in ideas because this part of electorate to Putin basically has nothing to tell

- It in general is necessary to it, here this part?

- it is absolutely not necessary, for election it is not necessary to it for nothing. This minority, and at the grandmother in village the Bottom boots and the professor of political science is equal on one voice. That I will chase its voice, with the tongue hanging out, better to two grandmas I will go.

- and whether it is possible here same arguments to explain Vladimir Putin`s refusal of participation in teledebates?

- in general, yes. I think that here argument, actually, another: he now not in that psychological form to participate in debate. Though it seems to me that participation in debate would do it good because its all opponents simply vulgarly are afraid, they till now yet do not send from great, mighty Putin`s aura, and they would squat at its presence. And if they squat, it would suppress them. But he is afraid of them. Here a situation when both each other are afraid, and it has receded the first.

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