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the Russian policy is similar to theatre of refined absurdity

Michael Prokhorov has written in a column for the British newspaper that in Russia the new political epoch begins. Article became object of discussions among British blogerov. However the Russian experts consider that the text of the billionaire consists of ordinary conclusions, and in it there is no accurate position of the candidate in presidents.
Michael Prokhorov declared the end an era of operated democracy . The billionaire - the politician has declared it in article written by it specially for British newspaper Guardian.

According to Prokhorov, in Russia changes which waited decades have begun. And the main thing now - to choose correct strategy of their carrying out, the candidate for presidents writes.

I not from those who easily gives in to emotions. But observing of the changes occurring in Russia today, even I should feel excitements. The last half a year we, Russian, do not learn ourselves. Earlier we preferred to sit on kitchen and to philosophise. But that occurs now is present awakening. Citizens of Russia left on streets, demanding fair elections. Political plans of the power which seemed cast in a granite, are suddenly called into question. The government is compelled to begin dialogue with the population. We stand on a right way. The main thing - not to admit, that it became bloody. Revolution, and evolution " is necessary to us not; - Prokhorov writes.

As the correspondent " has transferred; FM in London Andrey Ostalsky, Prokhorov`s column has caused a great interest in the British blog sphere. Discussion concerning the point of view and the person of the Russian billionaire at times passes a limit admissible, has told Ostalsky.

very high number zabanennyh posts the moderator. Zabaneny, probably, any insults, very sharp obscene, maybe, even to Prokhorov or the newspaper. Why it is impossible to assume, as newspapers can offend? In some posts left it is said that the shame to newspaper Guardian that it asks to speak to a laughing-stock, here it is the citation of one of posts, to the person who is absolutely discredited both as the politician, and as the economic figure. Guardian in the comment to own newspaper article notices that rare enough position for the visible Russian politician. Michael Prokhorov rejects the Russian Messianizm and considers that Russia should join the big Europe. Finishes Guardian the comment an interesting conclusion: the Russian policy is lately similar to absurdity theatre. And theatre of refined absurdity - has informed Ostalsky.

Ambiguous reaction of readers could be caused absence of a distinct message in article, political scientist Michael Troitsky considers.

In this article Michael Prokhorov has not made anything else, except as ascertained known enough obvious facts. Hardly Prokhorov wanted to use this article to help Russia to improve the image. He, possibly, intended to use it to help to itself(himself) to improve the image. But as whom it actually this image will improve, to me is not clear. It in it appears as the keen observer, but not as the candidate for presidents which accurately knows with whom particularly he struggles and that particularly it should make to win elections - considers Troitsk.

to stand in presidents of the Russian Federation Prokhorov declared intention on December, 12th last year. The program published by the businessman is based on democratic Right-wing liberal values .