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Invaluable sounds - 2

About sex with the Moscow traffic, communications of alcoholism with index Dow Jones and speeds of pressure.
every day in the world something occurs. We inform you on it of 7 days in a week 24 hours a day. In detail, thoughtfully and operatively. But we have told about some events so: reservations and mistakes of leaders and observers FM - in the New Year`s project Invaluable sounds .

About communication of alcoholism with index Dow Jones.

About traffic density on rings of Saturn.

about presidium gonsoveta party and election campaign tours.

about serious stoppers in village Sosyonki and sex with the Moscow traffic as a whole.

about achievements in a judo, badminton and a penis.

about temperature, a deposit and a weather.

about Michael Prokhorov`s princes and reading on - anglijski.

About a capture of the Kremlin Cup and weariness from Silvio Berlusconi.

About underground news and the terrorist tax.

about hissing consonants and speed of pressure.

the first part of the project Invaluable sounds listen here.