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After respectable Charles Gustavovicha Faberge`s which has happened in Lausanne in 1921 the death, the company created by it not for long could hold on in hands true to jewellery of sons. In second half of last century Faberge as the brand has been sprayed on set of licences: under respectable mark were issued both hours, and tableware, and various gift subjects, including known Easter eggs Faberge. The tiny enamel multi-coloured eggs playing a role of suspension brackets and charms, were made in a chief town of all jewellers of Germany - Pforzheim: in 2006 to me has had the luck to visit on this manufactory, and memoirs on it remained with me the most positive.

four years ago, in 2007 - the m, Faberge has been revived as a uniform brand with financial and artistic a staff - apartment in London. Mark regularly represents the jeweller collections within the limits of the Basel exhibition: Faberge now has some lines high jewelry, and also rather extensive drain already mentioned by us gold, with enamel and precious incrustations, eggs. One more new line which has received the most export name " has been in the end of the last year shown also; Russian seasons .

the Art policy of present house Faberge is simple enough. It consists in making precious things which would well be perceived not Russian, namely the western public. In it there is a certain sense: Russian well-founded world while well reacts on antiquarian Faberge and from modern jewelry prefers French, Italian and American. At the same time Faberge as the symbol, a sign on artistic greatness and aristocratic riches of imperial Russia, is well familiar to the West.

Russian seasons divided into 4 parts ( Spring Summer Autumn and Winter ) Include a full spectrum of ornaments: a necklace, bracelets, brooches, evening earrings and the big rings. Many of jewelry have received own names, which in any way korrespondirujutsja with Sergey Pavlovicha Dyagilev`s historical inventions, the founder Russian seasons . So, business nazyvanija was entered by other Russian brand, namely Boris Pasternak`s legendary novel Doctor Zhivago for the first time published in the West and since then repeatedly picturized. The necklace, a bracelet and a ring (mini - a set within the limits of the big collection) have been named without a delicacy - ZHivago .

Other ornaments Les Saisons Russes Faberge have received checked even more up Russian names - the Kokoshnik the Sundress the Summer lace Imperial . Jewelry are distinguished, of course, by conditional enough Russian specificity: The well-founded, imperial and merchant size, caught national ornaments, it is white - sine - red scale and stones of Russian origin (for example, alexandrite). On the other hand, these jeweller subjects Faberge truly Russian to name difficult enough: in effect, it is subjects of the western jeweller samples, first of all French, only changed clothes for Russian historical suits.