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In the first release of news of this year we will tell winter kinds of soup about dishes with which the Moscow restaurants are going to feed us all second half of winter.

at restaurants Ti - the check the winter offer from a brand - chief Vyacheslav Kolotushkina operates. Among snack have appeared a traditional Russian jelly (prepared without gelatin, 220 rbl.) and boiled beef tongue with sauce provansal (420 rbl.). In the same section salad from cancer necks with avocado and sweet tomatoes (620 rbl.) is presented. In a soup role a daily Russian cabbage soup from sauerkraut with hrjashchevymi stones (360 rbl.) or the Hungarian goulash from beef (480 rbl.) can act. As hot snack it is possible to try potato draniki with sour cream (290 rbl.) and chicken sausages with citruses (420 rbl.). Then the beef edges short ribs (1240 rbl.) or a fillet of a cutting of the New Zealand lamb (1280 rbl.) are recommended . And for a dessert - tvorozhnik from rural cottage cheese with aroma citron (345 rbl.).

on the eve of holidays there was a new winter menu and in Asian Roni. among salads now there is a spinach with veshenkami and avocado with soya refuelling (390 rbl.), salad from green beans with egg pashot (490 rbl.), and also new interpretation Caesar - with hen BBQ (490 rbl.). On snack now it is possible to order kimchi Roni (190 rbl.), a salmon with Asian ratatuem (390 rbl.), fried shrimps with imbirnym mayonnaise (590 rbl.), vagju with sauce from dajkona (890 rbl.), tataki king - fish with soevo - imbirnoj refuelling (490 rbl.). Soup " Still is recommended; Volume - Holes with seafood and noodles (690 rbl.) or soup in a pot Dzosui with a hen, field mushrooms, shalotom fri and rice (490 rbl.). As the basic dishes prepared on teppane, to visitors are offered Roni - a stake with fried egg (790 rbl.) A fillet sibasa with refuelling from sauce ponzu with a basil (690 rbl.) and garlick shrimps with tomatoes and shalotom fri (490 rbl.). There are some novelties and among beaters - a beater with the Kamchatka crab, vasabi, mayonnaise and a cucumber (490 rbl.), the Crackling California with a crab, a coriander and peppery mayonnaise (490 rbl.) and Roni the Dragon with spinach, fetoj, a salmon and a smoked eel (490 rbl.).

In Budvare on Kotelnichesky quay till the end of winter treat with cancers. On snack it is offered olive with cancer necks and perepelinym egg under the recipe of 1812 (547 rbl.) or Tian from avocado with cancer meat, green salad and east kunzhutnym sauce (573 rbl.). Also to begin a dinner it is possible from aspic from the Altay cancers with young vegetables and spicy greens (495 rbl.) or zhulena from cancer necks and the wood mushrooms baked with house crude (498 rbl.) . It is recommended to estimate also a combination of the green asparagus prepared on a grill, to cancer meat, the Dutch sauce and red caviar (570 rbl.). It is possible to continue soup - in their menu two: a cream - soup from a pumpkin with tails of cancers and onions rezanets (385 rbl.) and cancer soup with a skin Kapuchino (325 rbl.). The open pie applies For a role of the basic dish from flaky pastry with cancer necks and wood mushrooms on chesnochno - a creamy cream (720 rbl.). Besides, it is possible to choose house pelmeni with cancer meat under white sauce with salmon caviar (695 rbl.) or ratatuj from cancers with the fried vegetables and rublenoj greens on mashed potatoes (692 rbl.) . Cancers also can prepare for choice the visitor - in beer, with spicy grasses or in a juicy broth (on 287 rbl. for a piece).

the Head cook Vogue Cafe Yury Rozhkov has created new a grill - the menu. Meat, seafood and fish are preliminary pickled under recipes of the chief, and then prepare on a lattice to a crisp and move with the vegetables prepared on fire. Dorado and sibas move with vegetable marrows (on 950 rbl.). To the phalanxes of a crab prepared on a grill submit the Dutch sauce (2500 rbl.). The octopus is accompanied by pumpkin mashed potatoes (950 rbl.). The chicken prepared at once without bones, is supplemented with baked pepper (750 rbl.). A stake ribaj bring on a table with house adzhikoj (1600 rbl.), and New York - a stake is accompanied by a young potato and green oil (1000 rbl.), to korejke a lamb, according to the chief, baked eggplants (600 rbl.) most of all approach .

At restaurants Zafferano in Lotte Plaza it is possible to try new winter dishes - salad Olivier on - bakinski with red caviar and greens (550 rbl.) and fried cheese suluguni with spicy sauce (740 rbl.). Among the basic dishes fillets of a turkey with baked apples and berry sauce (830 rbl.) have appeared novelties a stake from a salmon, baked with sauce from tomatoes, a green basil (830 rbl.), and. In a dessert role the strawberry with a meringue (610 rbl.) acts. At the restaurant with the same name located in shopping centre Vegas, among snack now there is tartar from tomatoes with cheese a mozzarella and fried tsukini (320 rbl.) and ruletiki from salad the Iceberg with cheese shovru and slabosolenym a salmon (370 rbl.). On hotter here it is recommended to take a turkey baked with a quince, a pomegranate and onions, with kizilovym sauce (800 rbl.) or a beefsteak with a garnish from rice and lentil, from mashed potatoes from a pumpkin (400 rbl.) . And on sweet - chocolate flan with vanilla frozen (250 rbl.).

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In Roni till the end of winter it is possible to try soup Volume - Holes with seafood and noodles