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Occasion to firing in Buryatiya was the household conflict

Firing near village Pearls in Buryatiya in which one person and three was lost have suffered, has occurred from - for the household conflict, instead of owing to repartition of criminal spheres of influence or gangster capture of village, the representative of investigatory management of investigatory committee of Russia (SOU SKR) on republic has informed yesterday. Firing has occurred on January, 6th. It was preceded by the conflict between inhabitants of Tunkinsky area of Buryatiya. The public is is false informed on capture has sat down Pearls group arrived of the Uhlan - Ude of the armed men. About it have extended the information a number of news agencies. The given fact basically was promoted by comments of local resident Andrijana Batlaeva. It not so, representative SKR has told. Andrejan Batlaev is earlier the offender the deputy has sat down Pearls. Under available data, the son of deputy Batlaeva is close to criminal circles of area, he participated in the conflict and the Uhlan - Ude could be involved in murder of the inhabitant. Now the son of the deputy disappears - has informed on a press - conferences representative UMVD across Buryatiya. Earlier concerning the son of deputy Batlaeva criminal case for a robbery was already brought, but has been stopped upon reconciliation of the parties, he has added.

according to SKR, near to village the Pearls have served as an occasion to firing the conflict which has occurred in August, 2011 between two men one of which lived in village Kyren, another - in village Pearls. Quarrel has outgrown in fight. In the subsequent inhabitant Kyrena by means of the acquaintances from the criminal environment, including living in the Uhlan - Ude, has demanded from the offender as indemnification the large sum. The inhabitant has sat down Pearls has agreed with the requirements shown to it. Group of the armed young men of the Uhlan - Ude, having united with several local residents, on January, 6th there were the participant of fight from village Pearls to receive money. At a meeting the man has refused to pay the demanded sum and has called on help of the familiar fellows villager the majority from which earlier were involved in a criminal liability - the representative of SOU SKR across Buryatiya has informed.

as he said, having armed with fire-arms, inhabitants has sat down Pearls at a crossroads in several kilometres from village have met visitors. In this place between them firing was fastened. City, according to preliminary data, have been armed by the pneumatic weapon. As a result one of inhabitants has sat down Pearls has mortally wounded in a back 21 - the summer man from the Uhlan - Ude who has died in wood on a scene. not menacing lives of wound have received three more participants of firing - representative SKR has noted. Under its data, in the conflict participated to 70 persons, from them nearby 20 - on the party the uhlan - udentsev which was four.

as has informed on a press - conferences the employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the participants of the conflict acting on the party the uhlan - udenskoj groupings, are established and give evidences.