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To Vyacheslav Shportu will reorganise popularity

Last estimations made capital experts, mark falling of a rating of some governors of the Far East, including the head of Khabarovsk territory Vyacheslav Shporta. In the end of December the regional government has strengthened the structures working from mass-media, but sources assure that it reflected for a long time. Local experts doubt that popularity of the governor was lowered by results of elections on December, 4th. The opposition considers that any reforms in the device will make for a raising of a rating of the power, as the reason of its falling - in unsatisfactory state of the economy a little.
this week Fund of a new electoral policy (FNEP) and Agency Internet Media have published next Kremlin a rating of governors. Research, we will remind, tries to define by an expert estimation level of trust of the centre to heads of regions. Among Far East governors the majority, including the head of Khabarovsk territory Vyacheslav Shport, are estimated on good. Have perfectly received the head of Yakutia Egor Borisov and Alexander Vinnikov (EAO), and the governor of Primorski Krai Sergey Darkin, on the contrary, has caused a stir the two.

in a minus and to mister Darkinu, and mister Shportu experts FNEP put low results an United Russia in regions on elections in the State Duma (33,3 % and 38,1 % accordingly). Negative influence on Vyacheslav Shporta`s rating, according to authors of research, have rendered mass actions of the population against heads of municipalities and negative Ishayev`s heritage (the previous governor of edge, nowadays the plenipotentiary of the president in DFO Victor Ishayev. - ).

what performances mean and in what negativity heritages, it is not specified. In the spring of 2011 inhabitants of Ajanomajsky area of Khabarovsk territory really were indignant with actions of the head Zaura Tsorieva who have broken a cold season, and have addressed about it in Office of Public Prosecutor. But mister Shport in that situation has led adequately: has personally taken off for district, has made a number of rigid remarks and has appointed check then mister Tsoriev has resigned. As Victor Ishayev`s heritage usually understand its remained high influence on life of Khabarovsk territory and regional elite.

nevertheless experts FNEP consider that popularity of the Khabarovsk governor falls: in 2010 they put to it five, in 2011 - m - five decrease with a tendency . In other, more known rating of governors which characterises their political survival rate (it makes fund the Petersburg policy ) To Vyacheslav Shportu in November have put and at all a three. Experts have noticed that weakness of its positions as governor - in popularity decrease . In four previous versions of a rating under the version the Petersburg policy mister Shport had at first five points, and then four.

the Khabarovsk political scientist Tatyana Zaharova urges to concern with care such estimations. to connect results of voting with a rating of the governor incorrectly, - madam Zaharova considers. - That in Primorski Krai that in Khabarovsk territory low interest per lot the authorities are voices not against Darkina or Shporta, and against the Putin policy. The centre has given many occasions to discontent: for example, having raised taxes for import of Japanese foreign cars, has deprived these regions of possibility to earn. It nobody has forgotten - the political scientist speaks.

according to Tatyana Zaharovoj, mister Shport and so it is opened enough and Works normally . Taking into account available financial possibilities of the power do even more than could - the expert speaks. To the head of region, madam Zaharova adds, perhaps, there is no only a work over imidzhevoj a component - both own, and region.

meanwhile in the end of December of the past year in the regional government there were the structural changes called just to strengthen information support of work of the authorities. Responsible for it in structure of the device the central administrative board is renamed and transformed: instead of two managements in its structure now will be three, and them will strengthen at the expense of known Khabarovsk journalists, has explained a source familiar with a situation. Under data , the new structure is already confirmed, but appointments are not signed yet (in open bases of the regional legislation of similar orders did not appear). In realisation of a uniform information policy management on the press and the tele-radio broadcasting, under control to the governor also will be engaged, - it becomes the successor of committee on the press, the polygraphic industry and tele-radio broadcasting.

in the government deny that innovations are connected with falling of a rating of the head of region: they reflected for a long time and are made, as soon as elections " have come to an end; one of officials has told . But similar measures will be hardly effective, head krajkoma considers the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Anatoly Dronchenko. the Rating of governors, and Shporta including, falls not from - for their personal qualities or results of elections, and from - for economic situations. In edge it depressing: even at such leading enterprise as the Amur ship-building factory, in December supervision " is entered; - the communist speaks. whoever has come to new structures, they can is only better embellish. And it is necessary to change a situation - he believes.