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the Competitive managing director Open Company MILS (an INN 4401026959, OGRN 1024400515347, 156019, Kostroma, street Meliorative, d. 4-) Kolesnik Andrey Andreevich (SNILS 106 - 346 - 51534, an INN 745308882493, 105064, Moscow, and/ I 356, 89153853092@mail. ru, ph.:89153853092), a member of NP MSOAU Strategy (an INN 3666101342, OGRN 1023601559035, Reg. SRO: 0015, 394033, Voronezh, Lenin pr - t, d. 172), on the basis of the Decision of Arbitration court of the Kostroma region from 21. 04. 11 on business 31 - 6973/ 2009, informs on the auctions on a site of an electronic platform of Joint-Stock Company the Savings Bank - nuclear heating plant http:// bankruptcy. sberbank - ast. ru in the form of the public offer with the open form of representation of demands on property sale: (one after another: a prize, the description, the initial price) 1) rolling machine tool APR - JAT - 2216, 2003 of century, 6 846 480 rbl.; 2) the semitrailer onboard SZAP - 9327, PTS 23 KM 254166 from 02. 04. 03, reg. Sign VV 9436 44, VIN: X1W93270030002311, 2003 of century, colour grey, 277 920 rbl.; 3) the semitrailer onboard MAZ - 9758 - 043, PTS 77 TM 165839 from 13. 10. 03, reg. Sign AV 9557 44, VIN: Y3M97580030005710, 2003 of century, colour dark blue, 388 800 rbl.; 4) KamAZ 54115 N, PTS 16 O 242668 from 31. 08. 03, reg. Sign E 885 KX 44, VIN: XNC54115N32198325, 2003 of century, colour of a St. smoke, 729 000 rbl.; 5) the cargo tractor sedelnyj MAZ - 642290 - 2120, PTS 76 KM 134772 from 16. 10. 03, reg. Sign E 238 K 44, VIN: Y3V64229030019790, 2003 of century, colour white, 1 177 200 rbl.; 6) GAS 2834 LU, PTS 52 MO 341046 from 20. 09. 07, reg. Sign E 983 IN 44, VIN:X4283470000259, 2007 of century, colour white, 408 240 rbl.; 7) GAS 2834 BF, PTS 52 MA ? 758083 from 10. 03. 06, reg. Sign E of 364 MM 44 XU42834BF60000145, 2006 of century, colour Baltic, 267 300 rbl. All property is in pledge at Kostroma OSB 8640. A property site: 156019, Kostroma, street Meliorative, d. 4. Acquaintance of participants with the documentation, the coordination of survey of property to the address: Moscow, street Pokrovka, d. 30, on preliminary record on ph. 89153853092, in the working days from 10:00 till.

the Date started of the auctions 19. 12. 11 in 11. 00 Moscow time. Decrease size :10 % from the initial price. Term of reduction of price: 7 calendar days. Demands are made out in the form of the electronic document and move by means of system of electronic document circulation on a site http:// bankruptcy. sberbank - ast. ru according to regulations of work of an electronic platform daily, since 11. 00 19. 12. 11 and to 16. 00 13. 02. 12 on Moscow time. vr. The Application form for participation in the auctions should correspond to the requirements established FZ About an inconsistency (bankruptcy) it is made in any form in Russian and should contain: the name, organizational - the legal form, the location, the mailing address of the applicant (for jur. Persons); a surname, a name, a patronymic, passport data, data on a residence of the applicant (for fiz. Persons); number of contact phone, the e-mail address of the applicant; data on presence or on absence of interest of the applicant in relation to the debtor, creditors, the managing director and about character of this interest, data on participation in the capital of the applicant of the managing director, and also the self-adjustable organisation of arbitration managing directors, a member or which head is the managing director. On the demand are applied: an extract from the uniform state register of legal bodies (for jur. Persons), an extract from the uniform state register of individual businessmen (for IP), copies of the documents proving the identity (for fiz. Persons), properly certified translation into Russian of documents on the state registration of the legal person or the state registration of the physical person as the individual businessman according to the legislation of the corresponding state (for the foreign person); the document confirming powers of the person on realisation of actions on behalf of the applicant.

the conclusion of the contract on the deposit on a site of a platform by means of ETSP. The size of the deposit: 10 % from the initial price. Entering term: with 19. 12. 11 before date of acceptance of the first demand or to 13. 02. 12. Entering of the deposit by money resources into Kolesnika A. A`s account: 40817810901001708381 in Joint-Stock Company rajffajzenbank Moscow, to/ with 30101810200000000700 in the OPERA Moscow GTU Bank of Russia, BIK 044525700. The winner of the auctions the participant who has presented the first when due hereunder the application form for participation in the auctions, containing the offer on the price of a prize, which not below the initial price of sale of property established for the certain period of tendering admits. Within 5 days from the date of signing of the report the managing director directs to the winner of the auctions the offer to conclude the contract of purchase and sale with the contract draught appendix. The contract subscribes the buyer within 5 days from the date of reception. Results of the auctions are brought in day of representation of the demand or in 16. 00 13. 02. 12 on Moscow time. vr. On a site http:// bankruptcy. sberbank - ast. ru. Payment under the contract within 30 days from the date of signing into Open Company account MILS : r/ with 40702810520020000811 in Joint-Stock Company AKB transkapitalbank BIK 044525388, an INN 7709129705, a check point 775001001.