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Hungary has separated laws from EU

EU Management is going to enter sanctions against Hungary. There will be it in the event that the new constitution of the country which have come into force on January, 1st, will be recognised by not corresponding to the European principles. Besides, till January, 17th the government of Hungary should make amendments to some laws which are not arranging Eurocommission. As a result Budapest can lose credits for the sum 15 - 20 billion Experts consider that the true reason of the conflict of EU with Budapest - discontent with an authoritative course of prime minister Victor Orbana which for eyes already name new Lukashenko and the Danube Chavez .
For a democracy clip Victor Orbana criticised within all last year. Leaders of the key EU countries confused that party of the prime minister Fides received past year the overwhelming majority of places in parliament, reconstructs under itself political system of the country. German chancellor Angela Merkel was revolted with the Hungarian law on mass-media which, in its opinion, is directed against oppositional mass-media. And US State Secretary Hillari Clinton has made the protest after the authorities have separated from an aether radio station Klubradio, opposing politicians of the government.

but Victor Orban has not obeyed to recommendations the senior companions . Ignoring objections of partners in EU, deputies from Fides have spent through parliament the new constitution as which many in Europe have considered nationalist and extremist . The greatest criticism was caused by actual interdictions of abortions, and also a number of measures which in Europe have considered discrimination in relation to national and to sexual minorities.

three Hungarian laws, " became an occasion to the ultimatum of Eurocommission which was published by the commissioner of EU on currency questions Olli Ren; not corresponding to the European principles . Special censures of Bruxelles are caused by position according to which the government of Hungary can appoint the vice-president of the Central bank henceforth: by EU rules, Central Banks should be independent. Olli Ren also has accused the Hungarian authorities that those have not accepted any measures for bridling of budgetary deficiency .

If Budapest will not go and now on concessions, he risks to lose credits of EU and IMF for a total sum from 15 mlrd to 20 billion As a result Hungary can become the first European Union country which has declared by the bankrupt. Besides, the Eurocommission threatens to apply article 7 of the Lisbon contract which for long time will disfranchise Hungary at decision-making in EU.

for all history of eurointegration Austria was exposed to so rigid sanctions only. There was it in 2000 after the structure of the coalition government included radicals from ultra-right party of freedom of Jorg Hajdera. But nowadays dead Hajder then was not even the minister whereas 48 - summer Victor Orban, leaning against unknown support of voters, undividedly dominates in the country.