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Other report of OSCE, actually, it was difficult even to present to itself

OSCE has published the definitive report on the Russian elections in the State Duma. Experts of the organisation assert that during voting intervention of the authorities at all levels took place. The situation was commented by the international observer FM Konstantin Eggert to leader Andrey Norkinu.
Endurances from the report of OSCE on election campaign in Russia:

- Elective process has been displaced in favour of party in power. As the certificate that is served by a lack of independence from selective bodies, partiality of the majority of mass-media and not due intervention from the governments of different levels. All it has not provided necessary conditions for fair competitiveness on elections.

- During campaign distinction between the state and party in power was often washed away from the state and local officials who used office position to raise chances of one party over the others.

- refusal of the Ministry of Justice in registration to a number of political parties has lowered a choice accessible to voters.

- What will be effect, a resonance of this statement taking into account what observers BDIPCH are already invited to presidential election? There like as - that was co-ordinated by all questions.

- it is valid, the tradition of their invitation exists. In the same way, as practically it is already possible to speak about tradition of altercations between the Central Electoral Commission of Russia, various Russian imperious bodies and politicians and Bureau on democracy and OSCE human rights. The report expected. Other report, actually, it was difficult even to present to itself.

Moreover, many western politicians, basically, members of parliament, public figures urged OSCE to state much earlier an estimation to elections. But also they, and representatives of Parliamentary assembly of the Council of Europe always prepare more - less detailed report, then with it act. I think that Central Electoral Commission reaction how much I understand, already is. And OSCE report is named by politized. As to other reactions we will look in the near future. They, of course, will be. Also it is possible to imagine that representatives of the Russian power about it will tell.

- how much detailed there are OSCE conclusions?

- They enough - taki are detailed.

- that is, there any reality should be present?

- Yes, there there are those, will tell so, conclusions which do, or those facts on which basis do conclusions observers. Besides, for OSCE monitoring, for example, mass media, frequency of occurrence of those or other parties in teleethers is conducted. For example, for that comparison who had what advantages in the media plan. As far as I understand, periodically OSCE is engaged some kind of outsourcing, asks to do any polls for it. We will tell, the non-governmental organisations in Russia. Here it is a lot of methods. And, undoubtedly, work of the same association the Voice which got support from the European governments, the United States, of course, too here was considered. That is, it not huge number of any concrete people from OSCE which go to the Bryansk region and look that there occurs, and it is information gathering, some kind of the digest, but on the basis of quite objective data.

- and our Russian opposition in any image now can use this report of OSCE in the struggle for fair elections?

- it is doubtless. I think that it will do it, because it is the report of official institute of the organisation which includes Russia. Another matter that, as a rule, these reports have such no practical influence on actions of the Russian authorities.

- that is to court with this paper to go senselessly?

- With this paper it is possible to go to court to prosecute any concrete cases, say, on cancellation of elections in concrete regions or on concrete sites, it will be such indirect demonstration, indirect support.

for court this paper has no validity. It is such background. But the background if we look, really develops recently for the Russian authorities not so positive.

Yesterday in the British parliament there were hearings concerning possibility of the invitation of Vladimir Putin on Olympic Games opening in London in 2012. There the weight of criticism concerning Russia too sounded. Certainly, it not is the law of any direct action or any resolution which influences, but the background in the politician is always important.

is as - that can affect relations of the Central Electoral Commission and OSCE already on March elections, we will admit?

- it is possible. Though, as you have fairly noticed, observers of Bureau on democracy and human rights are invited in March to be present on presidential election. Any attention will be, of course, drawn to their activity. But I think that would be difficult to withdraw the invitation now. It would be the big scandal. And I think, fairly to tell, the Russian authorities it expected. Already on the autopilot there is this criticism of reports of OSCE.

that such - the report is politized? The report about political elections should be politized. It is such very standard bureaucratic excuse which, I repeat, practically on the automatic machine representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Central Electoral Commission give out. Certainly, it is not palatable for the Russian power, but it not tragedy for it.