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To champion Mirzaevu have softened blow

with Scandal investigation of criminal case of the world champion on the mixed single combats of Rasula Mirzaeva (the Black Tiger), struck near night club " has ended on August, 15th, 2011; Garage 19 - summer student Ivan Agafonova who in some days has died. The consequence has come to a conclusion that the death has been caused on imprudence, and retrained charge therefore the sportsman who is now under arrest, already can soon leave on freedom.
official representative SKR Vladimir Markin yesterday has informed on the termination of investigation of criminal case of Rasula Mirzaeva. Initially the sportsman was accused of a crime provided ch. 4 items 111 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (causing of heavy harm to the health which has entailed death of the victim; the sanction - to 15 years of imprisonment). However yesterday it was found out that in definitive edition the consequence retrained charge on less heavy - on p.1 item 109 criminal codes of Russian Federation (death causing on imprudence; two years of imprisonment).

Under the version of the investigation, on August, 15th, 2011 at night club Garage because of suddenly arisen aversions of Rasul Mirzaev has struck blow by a hand in the person to Ivan Agafonovu. As a result the victim has lost balance and has fallen, having hit a head about asphalt. At falling it has received heavy cranial - a brain trauma from which on August, 18th, 2011 has died in hospital. Thus the consequence has drawn a conclusion that Mirzaev has caused death to Agafonovu on imprudence in view of criminal negligence .

On new charge, according to the logic of a consequence, leaves that Agafonov has fallen to asphalt from a flaw - has declared the lawyer of a family of the lost student Oksana Mihalkina. As she said, in criminal case materials there are two examinations which conclusions contradict each other. The first examination spent in Moscow, has established that as a result of blow considerable acceleration " has been given a body;. But then on an unknown family of the victim to the reason the consequence had been appointed repeated examination which why - that have spent in St.-Petersburg. It has drawn a conclusion that blow was insignificant force and communication between blow and death is not present. Thus the lawyer has paid attention that in the same examination is ascertained that a settlement way to establish force of blow it is impossible . Abundantly clear that someone tries to adjust a problem to in advance prepared answer - the lawyer considers.

according to Oksana Mihalkinoj, yesterday it has already submitted the petition for carrying out of new examination with a concrete question for experts - whether there is a communication between blow and falling of the victim on asphalt. Besides, the lawyer intend to appeal against against qualification a consequence of actions of Mirzaeva in Office of Public Prosecutor as illegal. Thus the lawyer has reminded that for a similar crime in 2008 of the master of sports on Greek - Anatoly Silujanova`s Roman struggle recognised as guilty on ch. 4 items 111 UK, having sentenced to seven-year term. The sportsman on a pedestrian crossing after quarrel has pushed student Alexander Lavrushina who has fallen and, having hit a head about asphalt, has died.

in turn, lawyer Mirzaeva Alexey Gribensky considers that the consequence obosnovanno qualified actions of its client as death causing on imprudence. As he said, no contradictions in conclusions of examinations are present, and in what city them spend, the inspector solves itself. Thus Alexey Gribensky has let know that its client new charge recognises and intends to ask court about a special order of consideration of the business. In this case the court cannot appoint to it more than one year and four months of imprisonment half from which it has already spent to a pre-trial detention centre.

however mother of the victim Tatyana Agafonova has declared that on hearings of business in a special order will disagree: I will demand a legal investigation regularly, and itself I will take part in litigation to tell to people in what results the usual household violence which has become in the Russian society by a norm of behaviour .