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The Kazakh banker still had only Eurocourt

Yesterday the Supreme court of the Russian Federation for the first time has rejected the appeal of lawyers were a top - the manager Kazakh BTA - Veronica Efimovoj`s bank. Protection demanded to cancel definition of the Moscow City Court which has approved the decision of the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation about delivery of madam Efimovoj to Kazakhstan. In the homeland the woman is accused of partnership in waste by $3,3 billion banker asserts that its business has political underlying reason: it ostensibly pursue that it was the authorised representative eks - owner BTA - bank Muhtara Abljazova which has received recently in Great Britain the status of the political refugee. Earlier Supreme court of the Russian Federation satisfied complaints of lawyers three times.
we will remind that since June, 2010 the Moscow City Court four times rejected Veronica Efimovoj`s complaints and its protection to the decision of the assistant to the public prosecutor of the Russian Federation Alexander Zvyagintsev. On April, 21st, 2010 that has satisfied inquiry of the Kazakh authorities about Veronica Efimovoj`s extradition home where her accuse of partnership in waste of $3,3 mlrd from joint-stock company means BTA - bank a way deliveries of credits affilirovannym to the companies (the main thing accused on this business passes Muhtar Abljazov).

Veronica Yefimov always asserted that its criminal case in Kazakhstan has been fabricated to achieve from it indications against Muhtara Abljazova who headed oppositional movement the Democratic choice of Kazakhstan . Now he lives in London in the status of the political refugee. Veronica Yefimov has appealed against against decisions of Moscow City Court in the Supreme court of the Russian Federation which satisfied its complaints three times, returning business in Moscow City Court.

In the beginning of yesterday`s session in the Supreme court of the Russian Federation lawyers of the banker insisted again on political underlying reason of its criminal case and asked judges to file the book of Muhtara Abljazova Nazarbayev against Abljazova recently published in London in which the author tells about the political disagreements with the president of Kazakhstan. Also defenders have asked to attach copies of the documents testifying that mister Abljazov has received a political asylum in Great Britain, and about a course of consideration by Federal migratory service of the Russian Federation of a question on granting to Veronica Efimovoj of a time refuge in territory of the Russian Federation. Judges have attached documents, and the book of Muhtara Abljazova even have looked through, having surveyed it on a place .

In the performances lawyers have reminded that during consideration of complaints of the client in Moscow City Court a number of witnesses has not been interrogated. In particular, protection suggested to hear Veronica Efimovoj`s Kazakh lawyer, and also the inspector of investigatory committee (nowadays department) the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Irina Konovalovu interrogating the madam to Yefimov about its criminal case in Kazakhstan.

lawyers also have reminded court that their client has arrived to Russia together with the one-year-old daughter (now to the girl four years). In case of Veronica Efimovoj`s delivery and its arrest in the homeland the child, according to protection, will appear in a children`s shelter (with the husband the banker divorced).

Besides, lawyers have reminded that the European court under human rights (ESPCH) has imposed a ban for delivery of madam Efimovoj before consideration of its complaints in ESPCH on decisions of the Russian courts.

nevertheless the Supreme court of the Russian Federation has rejected the complaint. Veronica Efimovoj Sergey Brovchenko`s lawyer has already declared that it together with colleagues will appeal against against the decision of the Supreme court in a supervising order and will be To achieve justice in the Strasbourg court .