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independent expert Dmitry Tratas
liberalises Presidential elections of the USA on level of influence on world stock markets will be, most likely, the most important political event of 2012. In Republican Party primary elections of the contender to the working president have already begun. I have already chosen the the candidate. He/she is a member of the House of Representatives from the State of Texas Ron the Floor.

Ron the Floor already participated in presidential race of 1988 as the candidate from Libertariansky party. This party is based on ideas economic and political freedoms and equality, and these ideas fill the program Rhone of the Floor. To cancel Federal reserve system or at least strongly to limit its functions, having transferred the right of definition of the rate of refinancing from committee from ten persons to the market and market mechanisms. To return in monetary system gold and silver standards, having deprived thus the Central Bank of the right of an uncontrolled currency issue. After all it is impossible to print as is wished it is a lot of gold. To stop state financing of other countries - at least until the USA have a public debt. If it is required, to leave thus IMF and other similar organisations. To stop financing of all military campaigns outside of the USA. To clean whenever possible any interdictions, and also preferences for any companies or groups of persons. To minimise any state influence on all spheres of human life - from delivery podrjadov on building before the state participation in public health services. To cancel the state pensions, having shifted the right of definition of pension age and pension payments to the person.

24 years ago it it was safely possible to name all economic delirium or a utopia. But not today, when financial crisis has captured the whole world, and regulators do not understand, how with it to consult. After all everything that the monetary authorities both in Europe, and in America throughout four crisis years did, it made the decision on that, how many to allocate money and to whom. And for a long time it is already clear that all similar measures do not work. When banks perish, chetvertprotsentnye decisions under the rate are necessary to nobody.

classical the economy slips, and ideas Rhone of the Floor find more and more supporters. Still four years ago Ron the Floor has established a record of the USA on fund raising on presidential campaign, having collected for days more than $6 million Fund raising was made through the Internet, thus the basic sum have made donations in tens and hundreds dollars. Billionaires do not hurry up to support Rhone of the Floor, after all it opposes any economic preferences.

for this reason the Floor will lose Ron. He will win not tomorrow and not the USA - the country where too big money protects machinery of state from the people, similar Rhone to the Floor. Most likely, ideas of economic freedom for the first time will win small and not too significant country for world economy. I would like to appear there.