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It is not so fair that all merits are attributed to Putin

Vladimir Putin`s Personal electoral programme is expected later, and published on Thursday is the plan for development of Russia from the party in power, has informed a press - the secretary of the prime minister Dmitry Peskov. The electoral programme prepares and in Michael Prokhorov`s staff. Leader Anna Kazakova has discussed a theme with its head Anton Krasovsky.
- whether the staff and mister Prokhorov Has familiarised have already familiarised with the program published today on a pre-election site of Vladimir Putin?

- Yes, here we sit it is readable.

- also what you think about it?

- We think that it is absolutely old and already to nobody the necessary rhetoric. And the main thing, actually here personally me interests, the program " what for is published; an United Russia and this most Front instead of Putin`s program? Because like Putin would go on elections.

- Perhaps, just wanted to look at reaction which is possible on this program I I do not know, why so it is made. It should be found out still. You tell, at Prokhorov`s program of coincidence to Putin`s plan is?

- Prokhorov`s Program differs from Putin`s program the concreteness. That is, when Michael next week will sound it, all of you it will hear and will see. It is simply whole series of concrete measures for life improvement in the country. The Putin program is pure such rhetoric from zero it is necessary it is necessary here it would be necessary to make .

And how to make? And what to make? And can be even for what to make? Still me has surprised that all merits which are attributed by this program, they after all actually have occurred in years when Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev was the president of our country.

Would like to remind all that it on - former is the president of Russia, and such impression that, here I have now understood, it is the program actually an United Russia instead of Putin. But there is such impression that all these merits are attributed why - that to Vladimir Vladimirovichu. It seems to me, it is not so fair.

- will consider Putin`s program in the election campaign?

- We, naturally, will consider, we are interested in general in that people who go on elections do. Especially, naturally, we are interested in with what on elections goes unique, besides Prokhorov, the real candidate for presidents.

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