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Old fashionable boa

Liza Birger about Kriktore Tom` Ungerera
the Majority of children`s books of Tom` Ungerera have been written and drawn in 60 - e years of the last century. Today its illustrations seem simultaneously both revolutionary, and old-fashioned. Still recently original American editions of its books for children could be found only at second-hand auctions, and South Koreans were their main admirers. America which has glorified the artist, forgot it meaningly, for radical political views and erotic drawings. Europe, on the contrary, remembered: in 1990 it has received an award of the Honourable legion, in 1998 - Hans Hristiana Andersen`s medal, in 2007 in Strasbourg, its native city, the museum has opened, its children`s books were republished by influential Swiss publishing house Diogenes, and soon they left and on - anglijski - so the new coil of glory of the artist, last November noted 80 - letie has begun.

Kriktor - The second of the books of Ungerera published in Russian, before there were 5 stories packed into one volume about adventures of a family of Hrjullops. Kriktor as well as Hrjullopsy it is sustained in komiksovom style a picture - the signature . It is Not so much because representations 1960 - h about children`s books were such: has put still that the artist sold the children`s stories to magazines.

Kriktor - a boa of a boa - konstriktor which on birthday of the old woman - teachers of madam Bodo sends to it from Africa serpentolog - the son. Life of a boa in France develops very successfully: it goes to school, plays with girls in prygalki, learns boy scouts to fasten sea knots and enjoys fresh French rolls in cafe. And for the beautiful ending even catches the robber and receives a medal, a monument and the park named in the honour. In general, veins yes there was a Crocodile. It on streets went, cigarettes smoked. On - turetski spoke Only without nationalism.

Tom` Ungerer never was and does not become the artist only for children or only for adults. It began with Esquire, and has become famous Hrjullopsami together with Stanley Kubrikom thought out posters to to Doctor Strejndzhlavu opposed a segregation and war in Vietnam and at the same time drew at first sight quite innocent stories about a dragon, robbers and lunar little men. It is clear that children`s stories always reflected adult sights of the artist, but in its books there is no also a trace nazidatelnosti. In one of interview of Ungerer names time when it has come to an illustration, time of spectator and reader`s innocence: still so it was easy to surprise the reader and it at all did not need to chew anything. Well that is children who have grown on such books, they and understand that arrived from Africa it is completely not obligatory to bite for a nose, with them still it is possible to drink perfectly lemonade and to play. In any sort from 2012 its children`s stories seem the protest against a world disorder for the sake of an old, European order: pigs in the ending of the adventures eat the most tasty in the world a mum`s pie, robbers open a shelter for girls, and the boa walks on snow-covered park in a long knitted scarf.

M: the Skateboard, 2011