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the Risk of an error is very high

the President iqClinic Rostislav Valihnovsky applies innovations in such conservative sphere, as medicine. Its clinic on a turn for half a year has risen in Ukraine from the seventh place on the third.

in what feature of your business?

In the company 100 persons work. It is the innovative clinic functioning in absolutely new trend in medicine - under the concept of so-called smart clinics. The advanced information technology and the administrative approach are used. At us two brands: the Clinic of the urgent help Sacred Onions, is unique private neotlozhka in Ukraine, the second - multiprofile clinic iqClinic Corporation.

What role play your business it?

that our company left on the third place among the Ukrainian private clinics, has occurred just thanks to information technology in clinic, integration of the financial module and, of course, thanks to services which we render. For example, we use technologies modern maloinvazivnoj surgeries and an electronic control system business - clinic processes, an electronic medical card. Many say that use electronic conducting patients. But on closer examination it appears that it only slogans.

as in that case there is a work with patients?

the Patient passes two stages - diagnostic and medical. Diagnostics is made by means of laboratory and hardware methods. For 20 minutes thanks to automation the doctor makes the preliminary diagnosis. Then the doctor clicks with the mouse and sees the diagnostic report necessary for installation of the clinical diagnosis. After installation of the definitive diagnosis the doctor in the same way quickly receives the typical medical report.

in information system already there is all information how it is necessary to treat concrete disease. In any measure the doctor does not have necessity to think how it is paradoxical sounds. It reduces risk of an error, a death rate and complications after therapy and operations.

in what economic benefit of such approach?

Such transparency saves time and money, first of all the patient, in the second - the insurance companies. The last one klikom can lift the full information that occurs to their client who is treated at us. All this data remains in archive. The doctor, the patient, the insurance company can address to records at any time. It raises a level of responsibility and trust. The quantity of clients at us began to grow not on a smooth curve, and almost vertically. Some insurance companies even have started to work with us on an advance payment.

you have told, what 100 persons work for you is only administration or taking into account doctors?

It is all without an exception employees. Our company minimises expenses on experts also at the expense of a transparency. After all we the commercial organisation also aspire to increase profit. Usually medical business unprofitable as expenses on experts and the equipment are very great. Besides the risk of an error is extremely high. By means of algorithmization we have lowered risk of an error in 3 - 3,5 times, almost to zero.

in Russia plan to open similar clinic?

We sell this decision under the franchise. There comes our command at which also there are experts of the partner - the Quasar - mikro . We carry out training, we instal system. We already have inquiries from several Moscow clinics, the order from the company in Berlin. In New York we open own clinic, it becomes the sample of that decision which we sell.

what complexities exist in your work?

the Weak link - the human factor. Usual doctors, I do not speak about average medical staff, very inert. I do not mean those who concerns to iPad - to generation. Very much it is pleasant to young doctors, when at them in hands a tablet and they see all instructions, medicines which are in a warehouse, reserve medicines, plan treatment. Such doctor leaves chamber, and at it all is already made, it is not necessary to write the case record and a heap of other pieces of paper. The information on illness of the patient does not need to be keyed, cards are got by a sample method.

who creates these templates?

I and my assistants. Using a work private experience in Canada and the USA, we have developed algorithm for drawing up of a full picture of a state of health of the person. The main symptom, symptom history is described. The block that, where, when concerns the factors influencing semiology, strengthening or reducing illness display. Medical history: than was ill, what surgical operations has transferred, what complications, an allergy were, the immunization, what medicines accepted. Social history, family history, akushersky and the gynecologic anamnesis. Results of the general inspections: age, weight, growth, pulse, pressure, temperature. There is an information on a condition of bodies and systems of all body further. Very in detail. Thus the complete picture is visible.

as you use SAP ERP?

Together with the company the Quasar - mikro we have created the uniform decision on the basis of SAP ERP which provides all specific requirements of any medical institution. It is integrated with other components of system and business - processes. It is used typical ERP, but under the innovative scheme - as service, on model SaaS.

We were started in a high-grade mode only half a year back. We maintain system SAP only two months. In this time we have established the module, separately automated accounting processes, financial and administrative reports.

why you have decided to work on model SaaS?

it is favourable To us to consume service from clouds . Expenses on SAP under scheme SaaS make only $800 a month. So we long did not think. Besides, it is not required to employ managers, to allocate with it an office, a workplace, the computer to buy. Any companies, maybe, are ready to buy the licence. But I began without investors and without credits. I hope that my example will inspire other doctors who dream to open the clinic. Certainly, at us it is cunningly some more months on functionality debugging. We were engaged in it and day and night: Caught errors, adjusted work with CRM, corrected. First there were errors in documents, and the insurance companies showed us claims. But we explained to them that we the first in the CIS and it is absolutely new approach. Now all efforts justify. Whether

easily to pass to new system?

Two key employees - the general director and the bookkeeper - should be dismissed. Before spending introduction, we have met five largest insurance companies and have told about our plans. They have confirmed that are ready to work with us. All of us have counted in advance and precisely knew that it will allow us to enter into a three of leaders of the market. Then we have held meeting of managers of the company and have openly declared these plans, and our director has told: we Will think, there is no time . It was necessary to replace it with stronger manager.

Now the salary at us pays off automatically, money is listed to employees on bank cards. The most part (80 % of all payments) occurs a non-cash way. Questions of a turn of available funds dare by means of technology iBox.

you should provide confidentiality of the information on patients, whether not so?

quite right. We conclude the tripartite contract on nondisclosure with the patient, the insurance company and our clinic. All personal data is protected under the licence: at SAP there is a module of protection of the information, certificated in the Russian Federation and in Ukraine.