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in the Autumn of 2011 in Moscow there has passed conference Day of corporate mobility . 81 % from 150 prisutstovavshih on it a top - managers have declared that mobile devices raise quality of communications.

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the Theme of corporate mobility discuss for a long time. But only last year it became definitive clearly that in Russia there was a new class mobile professionals if to use terminology of research company IDC. They are employees whom a lot of working hours spend out of office and need timely and safe mobile access to corporate resources. By 2013 as predicts Cisco, the quantity of mobile workers in the world will make 35 %. In the USA by this time, predicts Cisco, them are 75,5 %, in the Western Europe - more than 50 %. Russia, certainly, too is in a trend.

Experts mark fast growth of number of vertical mobile decisions for iPhone and iPad, mobile professionals meeting requirements. And this with the fact that products Apple have certain difficulties in mutual relations with corporate users. It is a question about complicated kastomizatsii devices under specialised inquiries of business and requirement of managers.

a deputy head of practice SAP of the company Asteros Consulting Peter Lileev tells that the situation has changed in the autumn of last year. Then Apple has begun the program of certification IT - the companies which specialise on its platform. Group Asteros which includes the company Asteros Consulting while unique in Russia has received the status of authorised system integrator Apple, thus that the market of program decisions for corporate mobility in Russia while is small enough. Peter Lileev has convinced a management of ability of this direction to develop in high-grade business. Now in Asteros Consulting it is considered as one of the most perspective. From - under a feather of developers of the company there was the first box the appendix - the program for mobile devices myDashboard, representing the monitor of the head. The interface is enough simple: habitual vidzhety show current values of key indicators (it is possible to adjust 12 KPI) in the form of diagrammes which also can be unpacked. If the situation falls outside the limits planned, the indicator will be painted in yellow or red colour. The part not the most important indicators can be hidden in the compact block without graphic representation. When two indicators are connected among themselves, two schedules of change of their values settle down nearby. Also the user can study organizational structure of the company and look KPI on each department.

the Appendix is offered the developer in two updatings: with application of the scenary approach and in the unified variant. The scenary approach means deeper kastomizatsiju and appendix adaptation under needs of the concrete customer, including with dopisyvaniem a code. The unified variant more cheaply also supposes only the elementary adjustment. The data myDashboard a beret from ERP - systems. Now the program is adjusted for work only with decision SAP. Soon there will be a version under 1. But in the elementary case the data can be broadcast through table Excel - to place a file of a certain format in the set place on the server enough and to open to it access. The picture in myDashboard will be updated when in the table there will be new figures.

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On creation of this decision of Peter Lileeva has inspired the previous experience: on a former place of work, in Nornikele he participated in working out of very similar program. It was the unique decision - a superstructure over SAP BI which in the company named Dashboard, or the Top - analytics . The program created in reply to requirements a top - management: the management wanted, that worldwide the employee was well informed occurring with a field for which he answers. Before this information was dispatched by once a quarter in the form of presentations. The project was supported at the highest level and has come to the end all for four months, in January, 2009. The appendix allowed to trace cargoes even before arrival in port, in advance to prepare containers and capacities.

one of clients Asterosa company SUEK, having studied the decision Nornikelja has wanted to receive something similar for the analysis of a large quantity of the data which has been saved up for many years in ERP. After that Asteros realised a system prototype on tracing KPI on iPhone and iPad for MTS. With its help employees of the company can receive notification Push at any time if values KPI for which they are responsible, are beyond the planned. On the device there is a badge of not read message.

Komanda Lileeva includes three key developers and autsorsingovyh partners. In the future the appendix adapt under branch specificity. Soon there will be a decision for metallurgy under the name Mobile maintenance service or MoBiTo.

Analyst IDC Peter Gorodetsky sees perspective the market mobile BI - decisions: hardly it is possible to consider the Segment sated as business only starts to realise benefit mobile BI - appendices. Business appreciates any possibility operatively to make key decisions to that mobile BI will promote, undoubtedly, .

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While in Russia decisions which satisfy base requirements of mobile professionals only start to appear and extend. First of all that allow to work with corporate resources (databases, mail, a portal, document circulation and so forth) From personal devices in the protected mode. Company Digital Design last year has developed the application for a top - managers - the Tablet of the head . Michael Alperovich, the head of the centre of working out of decisions for tablet devices of company Digital Design, tells: last year we have introduced this decision in the several large Russian organisations, including in the Savings Bank, the Russian railways on Kirovsk factory, in the government of Murmansk area . In 2012 Digital Design plans to let out versions under Windows and Android, and also to expand possibilities of integration with corporate portals, analytical business - appendices, etc. Many large vendory the software (SAP, EMC, etc.) Have let out or plan to let out a ruler of mobile appendices, - Alperovich argues. - Now it is impossible to present the successful businessman who works only on the place at office .

in the Summer of last year the decision for access to corporate appendices with iPad and other devices - the Mobile workplace of the head - the company has let out also the SWAGGER. Details are told by Andrey Chudnovsky, the assistant to the financial director: We offer mobile decisions which will provide access practically to any corporate information systems: BI, CRM, to document circulation systems and so forth For example, the Mobile workplace of the head established on iPad, allows to co-ordinate documents, to receive notices on events, to conduct meetings and many other things. Thus in the mobile decision not always it is necessary to duplicate completely all functionality of base system. Frequently it is enough to display the analytical reporting .

According to Peter Gorodetsky, a situation with corporate mobile appendices in the Russian market today the ambiguous. Speed of penetration of new technologies more low, than in the western companies. Besides, mobile appendices are most claimed in those branches which at us are developed to a lesser degree, - speech first of all about sphere of services, including business - services. On the other hand, penetration of mobile devices and use of personal devices will stimulate this market in the corporate purposes.