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Putin will not sacrifice to Churova

the State Duma Council will demand the answer from heads TSIKa, the State Office of Public Prosecutor, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and SK the Russian Federation for results of December parliamentary elections. According to deputies, responsibility for falsifications lies including on law enforcement bodies. However even if specified by initiators of requirements of the person will answer questions of members of parliament, it is not necessary to expect Duma dissolution, experts consider.
Vladimir Churov, Yury Chajka, Alexander Bastrykin and Rashid Nurgaliev should be responsible for elections. The State Duma Council has decided to invite on January, 27th to session of parliament head TSIKa, the public prosecutor, the head of Investigatory committee and the Minister of Internal Affairs. About it to agency Interfax has informed the first vitse - the speaker from fraction of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Ivan Melnikov.

all listed departments should be responsible for how took place voting on December, 4th, and how results were counted up, up to dismissal. About it FM representatives of oppositional fractions have declared.

Maxim Rohmistrov, LDPR: All of us want to see, and questions at us will be connected with those falsifications which were on elections. CHurov is an Election committee, and here reaction to infringements should be both from police, and from Office of Public Prosecutor .

Oksana Dmitriev, Fair Russia : In - the first, from the general public prosecutor. Then, if the guilty, concrete falsifiers, any legislation if it can be forged are not punished, we in any following elections will walk twice into the same water .

Sergey Reshulsky, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation: Certainly, the basic question to Churovu which resignations, on - to mine, already two thirds of country demand: when the Central Electoral Commission and all present power will behave under the law? We will cause also other people .

At fraction United Russia questions at elections while are not present.

the Call on a carpet of Churova, the Seagull, Bastrykina and Nurgalieva will not lead to changes in elective system, political scientist Stanislav Belkovsky is assured.

it is not excluded Absolutely not that in the end of present and in the beginning of next 2013 the Duma will be dismissed. To please to moods of an active part of a society preschedule parliamentary elections will be appointed. It can grow out of the transaction between the Kremlin and an active part of a society which is now discussed at intermediary of such figures, as Alexey Kudrin and Michael Prokhorov.

therefore for the Duma very important nevertheless legitimirovat backdating taken place elections to Duma and to convince an active part of a society that it is necessary to recognise this Duma in exchange for certain political concessions, and the Kremlin what to dismiss the Duma it is not necessary at all. But to presidential election of real steps will not be. Putin will not sacrifice to Churova because only Churov in a condition to provide results of a victory in the first round at Putin`s real rating of 35 % - has noted Belkovsky.

on January, 12th the invitation of heads of the Central Electoral Commission, the State Office of Public Prosecutor, Investigatory committee and the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the State Duma should be officially accepted at parliament session. - communists - have assured initiators that all fractions will support the decision of council of parliament. But in an United Russia have informed FM that on this question the fraction yet has not taken out the final decision.