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The flowing away capital in rest will not leave

the Commission of the president the first vitse - prime minister Victor Zubkov will head anticorruption interdepartmental working group in the White house. After resignation vitse - prime minister Alexey Kudrin, prosecuting these subjects without haste and nepublichno, the project of strengthening of pressure of the government on a conglomerate which is ensured functioning of schemes of evasion from taxes, washings up of capitals, contraband and export of corruption incomes, will be public. Experts see in it and reaction to capital outflow, and attempt not to admit returning in Alexey Kudrin`s White house, and signs of forthcoming creation in the Russian Federation financial police independent of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
the first vitse - prime minister Victor Zubkov the personal commission of president Dmitry Medvedev has been appointed yesterday by the head of interdepartmental working group. This group, responsibility for which formation also is assigned to mister Zubkov, will be engaged Increase of productivity of work on revealing and suppression of financial operations (including with use of firms - a something ephemeral), the incomes directed on legalisation received by a criminal way . Also the new commission of the government suppression of operations of financing of terrorism, evasion from payment of taxes, customs payments and reception of corruption incomes is made duties. It is necessary to Victor Zubkov on a regular basis to co-ordinate work representatives of law enforcement bodies, Bank of Russia and FNS in this sphere.

in the White house have informed that Victor Zubkov has already started formation of such working group . In one of the departments specified in the presidential commission, have told about reception from the first vitse - the prime minister of the offer to include in structure of working group of the representative or at level of the head of department, or its first deputy. But anybody from interlocutors could not specify group priorities in more details, than it was made by Dmitry Medvedev. They have only specified that Typical regulations of interaction of federal enforcement authorities on execution of such commissions of the president month is taken away - not later than February, 12th, 2012 Victor Zubkov should report to Dmitry Medvedev about creation of group and about plans of its work.

Vitse - premerskie Victor Zubkov`s powers do not provide direct kuratorstva any of the specified departments. However, Open Society board of directors Gazprom Victor Zubkov supervises also out of frameworks vitse - premerskih powers. Nevertheless the subject of system anticorruption financial examination to it is known: in 2004 he created and headed Rosfinmonitoring till 2007. The first vitse - the prime minister has kept informal contacts to this service and to this day. Now over this service Yury Chihanchin which career long time has been connected with Victor Zubkov as which first deputy it worked from the moment of creation of Rosfinmonitoringa supervises. In 2007 mister Chihanchin has followed the head in the White house when Victor Zubkov headed the government in 2007. In the government believe, what exactly Rosfinmonitoring and becomes the key organisation which will provide functioning of group of mister Zubkov.

meanwhile Rosfinmonitoring, FTS, unlike the Central Bank and FNS, in the commission of the president have not received a mention. Possibly interaction underlined by Dmitry Medvedev between reduced in working group FNS and pravoohraniteljami really needs additional coordination as recently it and has worsened. One of the reasons - the liberalisation of the criminal legislation spent by the president: In the autumn of 2011 representatives of investigatory committee of the Russian Federation publicly declared that tax departments cannot effectively use powers transferred to it on revealing of tax crimes. We will remind, Dmitry Medvedev has spent through the State Duma the amendment to UPK, closing pravoohraniteljam possibility to bring actions about evasion from taxes. Inspectors can do it only after reception of materials from tax service (FNS). In SK declared that as FNS last years revealed only 8 % of tax crimes, and the others of 92 % had on the Ministry of Internal Affairs, now the most part of infringements remains in a shade. An offered way out - investment of tax specialists with the right operatively - razysknoj activity or creation of the financial police subordinated directly to the president.

Besides, on an informal explanation of the sources close to the White house, head FNS Michael Mishustin, as Alexey Kudrin`s person Does not cause delight at generals from power departments. Besides, their most important task in this case the non-admission of former Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin to section of posts in the future government ostensibly looks. Same experts explain and amplified activity pravoohranitelej in business of revealing of illegal schemes of compensation of the VAT.

there are also other versions which, however, do not contradict the previous. According to Sergey Varlamov, the partner of the legal company the Tax specialist probably, it is a question of reconstruction preparation in Russia financial police. in the end of 2011 the investigatory committee of Russia has made the statement for possibility of creation of financial police for struggle against tax crimes. On December, 26th the order of Ministry of Internal Affairs N1310 devoted to an estimation of activity of law-enforcement bodies has been accepted. For the first time from the moment of function transfer on revealing of tax crimes of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in it there were no such criteria of an estimation of activity of law-enforcement bodies, as quantity of the revealed and opened tax crimes. It testifies to possible transfer of such functions to new department. Creation of working group, apparently, is the next step to creation of financial police - he believes. According to mister Varlamov, the working group will be engaged in working out of structure of the future department.

we will note, the project of coordination of efforts of the government in the field of struggle against outflow of the capital, the fight against corruption begun in basic Ministry of Finance, the Central Bank and Rosfinmonitoringom in 2010 (see from October, 22nd, 2010, on June, 6th, 2011), after Alexey Kudrin`s resignation remained without the formal curator in the White house. These powers de - fakto on anybody have not been redistributed, financial vitse - anybody did not become the prime minister in the government which would be engaged in it. Creation of working group can mean that in the end of 2011 stopped work, including in connection with new splash in outflow of the capital (p. 1 see), decided to make active - earlier it was supposed that it will return to an active phase in the beginning of 2013.