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In the USA in firing on the prime minister the Dark knight 14 persons

In American state Colorado, in a city the Aurora in vicinities of Denver were lost, 14 persons are killed and nearby 40 is wounded as a result of shooting in time of a premiere of a new film about the Batman the Dark knight: legend revival . Under the preliminary information, the arrow was possible to detain. The police finds out, how it managed to carry by on film display small arms and gas pomegranates.

Shooting has occurred at cinema Century 16 Movie. After half an hour after the beginning of a film the unknown person in a gas mask has thrown in a hall of a grenade with tear gas. After that it has opened fire on spectators. people who were inside, have told to us: they at first have thought that it was a film part. They thought that it were special petards, and have then seen that in a hall the present bullets " whistle; - gives of RIA Novosti news agency of a word of the correspondent of the American radio station 9 News, present on a place of events.

the Malefactor has shot 14 persons and has wounded about 50 visitors of a cinema, reports. On a scene carriages " already work; first aid . Besides, to a city there have arrived experts - vzryvotehniki which search for explosives in places of a mass congestion of people.

Guards were possible manage an arrow. Now the police finds out, it operated alone or in group and also as it has carried by the weapon in a cinema hall. Motives of the criminal are not established yet.