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The Russian diplomat has hurried to send in resignation of the Syrian president

the Statement of the Russian ambassador in France Alexander Orlova about readiness of the president of Syria to Bashara Asada to leave the post does not represent the facts. With such statement as informs news agency, the Syrian ministry of the information has acted.

The day before the Russian diplomat has expressed opinion that after all event in Syria resignation of Bashara Asada only a matter of time. Thus Alexander Orlov referred to the final communique accepted at session of the UN Security Council in Geneva and providing leaving of the Syrian leader in resignation under certain conditions and the further democratisation of the Syrian mode.

Thus the ambassador has underlined that Russia only adheres to a principle of non-interference to internal policy of the sovereign states and no special relations connect Moscow and Damascus.

Meanwhile today the state television of Syria has extended the statement of the local ministry of the information as which affirms that words of the Russian diplomat are completely deprived truth. statements of the Russian diplomat have not something in common with the validity — it is told in the message.

we Will remind, on Thursday during session of the UN Security Council Russia and China have put a veto for the draught resolution offered by the USA, Germany, France and Great Britain. The document provided prolongation of observant mission of the United Nations in the country, creation of a transition government and did possible military intervention in Syria. But from - for counteractions of Russia and China negotiations go only about prolongation of mission of observers for 30 days.

Meanwhile collisions in Syria between the governmental armies and insurgents do not abate. The day before rebels declared that have taken over the control of border with Lebanon and Turkey. Insurgents also have informed on capture of the city of Azzaz fights for which were conducted about three weeks. However today the governmental armies have passed in counterattack, having attacked positions of insurgents in frontier areas. Intense conditions in Syria have induced official representatives of France, Great Britain and the USA on statements that the mode of Bashara Asada has lost legitimacy.