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The laser will provoke deposits

the new technology " Is developed; managements weather

the Group of scientists of Germany and Switzerland has created technology of laser condensation which will help to supervise weather conditions. The device generates a beam capacity 100 TVt which will form rain drops in atmosphere and to promote loss of deposits.

Researchers have tested the laser installation Teramobile comparable on the size with small garage, near one of lakes in Geneva. During 133 ch it gave out the intensive impulses of laser radiation forming in air of a particle of nitric acid which behaves as atmospheric glue, connecting water molecules together and without allowing to evaporate repeatedly it. Drops increased in size, but during experiment and have not reached weight, sufficient to drop out in the form of a rain.

At the given stage our work makes it clear that lasers can form small particles of water, but not always it it is enough to cause the present rain - the physicist from the Geneva university Dzherom Kasparjan has told.

Being in process of perfection Teramobile, scientists plan by means of installation not only to create deposits in certain territory, when necessary, but also to disseminate clouds, preventing downpours. The technology should become alternative to existing methods: in particular, to dispersion over clouds of iodide silver from planes to cause an artificial rain.

Certainly, reception man-made deposits on new technology will demand observance of several conditions. For example, process will strongly depend on an atmosphere condition, in particular relative humidity of air. Besides, the adequate density of the particles which are in air is necessary. If them will be insufficiently, a rain will drop out very little, and if it is too much, they will compete with each other to grasp free molecules of water in atmosphere and then the rain too will not be.

the Powerful laser will organise in atmosphere something like small electric categories therefore nitric acid is formed. This technology will help to exclude dispersion of the artificial ice, harmless liquid nitrogen or harmful chemical reagents, - the candidate fiziko - mathematical sciences Boris Bojarshinov speaks. - the Laser is good that will allow to supervise a situation from the earth and to exclude from process use of planes. Besides recently the laser technics develops and becomes cheaper . The Research assistant of laboratory of spectroscopy nanomaterialov Institute of the general physics It. And. M. The Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Chernov has told Prokhorov what probably to use laser radiation for the purpose of condensation, but over an atmospheric precipitation in its essential scale it is not enough for control. Too many problems rise on a way of realisation of such idea. I at all do not mean huge air weights with which it will be necessary to irradiate with intensive laser radiation, and power expenses. For example, such powerful radiation from the earth can affect the organisation of flights in the field of an irradiation - the expert considers.