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Buyers took record height

last year in Moscow the record quantity of apartments has been sold - 91,224 thousand Number of transactions grows the second year successively. The Principal cause - returning of a pent-up demand to the market and stabilisation of the prices, are assured realtors. Since 2010 the habitation in capital rises in price annually all on 10 %.
According to management of Rosreestra across Moscow, in 2011 in capital it has been registered 91,22 thousand transactions with habitation. It on 6,5 % is more than indicators 2010 (85,65 thousand) and on 0,5 % - 2003 - go when in the market the absolute record on number of the sold apartments (90,88 thousand) has been set up . For comparison: in pre-crisis 2007 in capital it has been sold 77,368 thousand apartments, in 2008 the number of transactions has decreased to 65,117 thousand, in 2009 - m - to 55,673 thousand In 2011 in Moscow the number of mortgage transactions - to 24,7 thousand against approximately 22 thousand in 2010 - m and 21 thousand in 2007 also has grown.

to grow the quantity of transactions the beginning in 2010 when the market was stabilised and on it the demand postponed during crisis has returned. Excess of indicators of 2010 has been expected already following the results of November: so, according to management of Rosreestra across Moscow, for 11 months of last year in capital it has been sold 79,22 thousand apartments that on 4,2 % has exceeded indicators of the similar period 2010 (76,04 thousand) . In December, 2011 in capital it has been registered 12,029 thousand transactions against 9,619 thousand in December 2010 - go. In December always consists more transactions, than in any other month as buyers and sellers try to close the begun transactions about New year - the head of the analytical centre of corporation " speaks; Inkom Dmitry Taganov.

General director IRN. Ru Oleg Repchenko explains growth of number of transactions with habitation the price stability which has attacked the market. in pre-crisis years many transactions broke from - that the price in the course of negotiations started to grow. During crisis people in general postponed apartment purchase - the expert marks. General director AKTS agrees with it Miel Vladislav Lutskov, adding that in 2011 the number of alternative transactions (the transaction on an exchange and moving) has essentially grown. The alternative transaction consists of several separate transactions which are registered and get to statistics separately - Oleg Repchenko echoes. According to IRN. Ru, for 2011 the average dollar prices for habitation in Moscow have grown on 9,5 %, to $4,979 thousand for 1 sq. m, rouble - on 10,7 %, to 155 thousand rbl. Thus, according to a portal GdeEtotDom monthly instability of prices on habitation made nearby 0,5 - 1,5 %. For comparison: in 2006 in Moscow the prices for habitation have grown on the average, according to analytical centre R - Way and IRN. Ru, on 74 %, in 2007 - m - almost on 35 %, in 2008 - on 20 %. In 2009 capital apartments have lost in the price of 25 %, and in 2010 - m have risen in price for 10 %.

the Increase in number of transactions with habitation also was promoted by summer instability on world share and the currency markets, believe Oleg Repchenko and Vladislav Lutskov. Updating of a dollar exchange rate and expectation of the second wave of crisis have pushed people to purchase of real estate for the purpose of preservation of the savings - they speak. According to the general director NDV - Real estate Alexander Khrustalyov, mass transition of builders to individual share contracts became one more driver of growth of number of the registered transactions. In June, 2010 amendments to 214 - FZ " have come into force; About individual share according to which builders the penalty to 1 million rbl. from each transaction concluded not under the contract of individual share threatens. Mister Khrustalyov estimates a share of such transactions in the Moscow market in 40 - 50 % though till 2011 it did not exceed 15 %. Transactions under roundabout schemes in statistican Rosreestra do not get, and individual share contracts already are registered - the expert speaks.