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To bank of Moscow have made the counter proposal

an Offshore, taken two shares SSG, it is ready to sell them back

to Bank of Moscow it was not possible to seize two actions SSG sold two years ago. Their absence prevented to receive to group VTB control over insurance group. However the owner of two these actions, the Cyprian offshore Marvill Management it is ready to return to their Bank of Moscow at the price of purchase - for 2,5 thousand rbl.

Yesterday the Arbitration court of Moscow has rejected the claim of Moscow belonging to Bank of the company the Financial assistant about istrebovanii two actions of Open Society Capital insurance group (SSG) at the Cyprian offshore Marvill Management transfers RAPSI. The court has considered that the claimant has not proved that sale of two actions SSG has passed against the will of Bank of Moscow, and also that the former head is guilty of it the Financial assistant Dmitry Zhukevich.

50 % a minus which one action Are a question of two sold actions which did not give possibility to group VTB to receive joint-stock control over SSG, owns VTB. The Same share in SSG Joint-Stock Company " owns also; Insurance group 19 which % of actions belong to Bank of Moscow, and the remained package is at YOKES Russian funds .

After in the spring of 2011 VTB has bought the company the Financial assistant it was found out that this company in October, 2010 has sold to the Cyprian offshore Billiton Limited two actions SSG at the similar price of 2,4 thousand rbl. As a result of VTB could consolidate package SSG only at a rate of 50 % a minus one action. Later, in the March, 2011, two gone actions have carried over other Cyprian offshore - the companies Marvill Management .

For investigation of this business group VTB has addressed in law enforcement bodies which have come to a conclusion that the scheme on sale of two actions SSG was developed by the former managers of Bank of Moscow Andrey Borodin and Dmitry Akulinin. Besides, for its realisation they have involved a management of affiliated companies of bank, in particular Dmitry Zhukevicha. These actions, according to the investigation, have brought a damage to Bank of Moscow at a rate of 1,7 mlrd rbl. As a result group VTB has brought an action a number of claims to obtain on demand the gone actions what it and has refused yesterday to the claimant.

However as has declared daily representing interests of an offshore Marvill Management lawyer Evgenie Reznik, from - for that that at the company is not present economic necessity to hold two actions SSG, it is ready to return them to the Financial assistant for 2,5 thousand rbl. is the same price on which the offshore has taken these shares two years ago. Concerning the low price g - n Reznik has evaded the question, also it could not explain, who is the owner of an offshore Marvill Management having referred to lawyer secret.

In Bank of Moscow yesterday did not begin to make comments on this theme.