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Not quite light future

Metallurgists have found Russia`s accession to the World Trade Organization reefs

the Russian steel founders who always were considered as the main things benefitsiarami Russia`s accessions to the World Trade Organization, have now found out defects of change of a trading mode. Metallurgists complain that from - for growth of tariffs and raw materials rise in price during the last years they podrasterjali the competitive advantages and are afraid now of an import preponderance. Besides, they expect growth of number of antidumping investigations in the address. That it to avoid, steel founders suggest to discuss with the USA and the European union of a measure under the prevention of trading disputes.

Contrary to ordinary opinion that Russia`s accession to the World Trade Organization will help first of all to the companies of metallurgical branch as it was found out, the Russian steel founders are seriously concerned future. As appears from presentation to the report of the president uniting the largest metkompanii Russia noncommercial partnership “ Russian steel “ Vladimir Lisina (also is the head of board of directors NLMK) to meeting in Magnitogorsk, in 2012-2013 metallurgists expect a rigid competition, carrying out of antidumping investigations, decrease in export of a steel and raw materials consumption.

Long time accession to WTO was the treasured purpose of the Russian metallurgists as was considered that it will allow them to strengthen the positions in the international markets. However if earlier the Russian steelmakers could brag hardly probable not of the highest in the world norm of profitability now their positions at all do not look unshakable. So, in presentation g - on Lisina it is noticed that since 2007 average profitability on branch was reduced with 29 to 12 %. The cost price of production since 2001 has grown in 5,6 times whereas the prices for a steel have grown only in 3,9 times. “ the next years the Russian metallurgy will have profitability at level or is worse than the competitors “ - Vladimir Lisin ascertains in the report.

profitability Decrease first of all is connected with incessant growth of tariffs for gas, the electric power and rail transportation. By data metkompany, on a price level on gas and the electric power Russia has caught up, and on occasion even has overtaken competitors. For example, 1 kvt·ch an electricity in the USA there are 5,4 American cents, and in Russia - 6,6 cents, and it only in Uralsk federal district. In TSFO 1 kw of an electricity manages to the Russian companies in 8 cents that only on 0,7 is cheaper, than in Belgium. Russia has caught up with the USA and at the prices for gas: in both countries of 1 thousand in cubic m there are 119 dollars metallurgists Complain of growth of tariffs for rail transportation (since 2007 - on 78 %). Thus in the USA and Europe last years gas becomes cheaper, whereas the prices continue to grow in Russia.

Against decrease in profitability change of trading modes after joining to the WTO can negatively affect the Russian metallurgy, steel founders consider. Cancellation of the agreement from EU threatens 2,5 million t the Russian export, 300 thousand more t can mention revision of the agreement on restriction of deliveries of hot hire from the USA, explains “ Russian steel “. And metallurgists worry about possible decrease in consumption of a steel in Russia from - for growth of a competition to import.

to insure itself from application by the countries - importers of antidumping measures, metallurgists suggest to replace agreements in force on a steel Russia - EU with the bilateral mechanism of the early prevention of trading disputes. Besides, it is offered to carry out consultations of the USA not to admit deterioration of conditions of export to this country. Thus metallurgists want to protect the Russian market from dumping deliveries, using measures of trading protection. Whether

Have found offers of metallurgists the response in power structures, it is not known. According to the source daily in one of metkompany, the legal commission following the results of meeting in Magnitogorsk is not ready yet. In Minpromtorge supervising a question of accession to WTO, inquiry daily have not answered.

According to the director of Information bureau for joining of Russia to Alexey Portansky`s WTO, steel founders in many respects dramatize a situation. “ certainly, it is necessary to analyse attentively offers metkompany, but antidumping investigations is a normal practice. They occur between all without an exception the countries of Europe and the USA and no means always come to an end with introduction of duties “ - it makes comments. Besides, Russian metkompany changes in connection with accession to WTO will concern to a lesser degree as they and are widely presented for a long time already abroad. Antidumping measures in relation to the Russian companies are inevitable, one of participants of the market disagrees. The agreement on trade in a steel between Russia and EU guarantees non-use to the Russian export of measures of trading protection, it explains.

Directly metallurgy should not to suffer from the WTO, Oleg Dushin from IK " considers; TSerih “. More likely under the threat metal consumers, first of all domestic mechanical engineering, he adds. However, relations from the USA at metallurgists can not develop, the analyst warns. This country especially zealously protects the market from unprofitable importers, it explains.