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Atomenergoprom has improved a credit rating

Service of credit ratings Standard and Poor ' s has raised a short-term credit rating Atomenergoproma with And - 3 to And - 2 - it is told in the company message. At the same time have been confirmed a long-term credit rating Atomenergoproma at level VVV and a rating on a national scale at level ruAAA . The forecast on ratings — Stable . Increase of a short-term rating Atomenergoproma it is caused by change of criteria of methodology Standard and Poor ' s, defining interrelation of short-term and long-term ratings of corporate and sovereign emitters.

As they say in the message, in report Standard and Poor ’ s it is noticed that positive influence on credit status of the company renders vertically integrated business - model and the guaranteed monopoly in sphere of civil nuclear branch in the Russian Federation. Open Society ratings Atomenergoprom reflect very high probability of reception by holding of timely and sufficient emergency support from the Government of the Russian Federation in a stressful financial situation. Indicators of liquidity of Open Society Atomenergoprom according to methodology of rating agency are estimated as adequate. According to rating agency, Atomenergoprom has considerable safety factor within the limits of existing kovenantov under various promissory notes.

Atomenergoprom uniting civil actives of State corporation Rosatom became one of the first Russian companies by whom for the specified reason the short-term rating has been raised. Thus, at the moment credit ratings Atomenergoproma are on greatest possible - sovereign level - and correspond to credit ratings of the Russian Federation.