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“ If this song is published, it will generate a large quantity of mockeries “

the Hymn in honour of Vladimir Putin has appeared in the Network. The song has no relation to propaganda campaign of the prime minister and is opposition intrigues, are convinced of its pre-election staff. Critics, from its part, have estimated a musical novelty extremely negatively.
Vladimir Putin will have a hymn. On the Internet there was a roller from songs.

however in Putin`s pre-election staff “ FM “ have declared that to official campaign the roller has no relation. Behind Putin`s hymn there is an opposition, one of members of a staff, the deputy of the State Duma Vladimir Burmatov considers.

“ in Twitter some times ραπΰcϋβΰλθ the reference to this hymn, - Burmatov admitted To me. - it seems to me that it is next fejk. I do not know, actually, by whom it is ordered, in general that this such, but on that virus system on which try to impose it to me as to the Internet user, I have an impression that interesantom distributions the opposition is. Taking into account those comments which are dispatched, it is a number of boats, and a considerable quantity suffices of them: write to all users that is one of military units have forced to study a hymn. Well, it bredjatina the uttermost “.

the Roller with Putin`s hymn became popular after the reference to it has published bloger Rustem Adagamov known under anybody Drugoi.

“ In Twitter I follover has written today: have removed here in Moscow on rehearsal of military chorus which prepares for a celebratory concert, - Adagamov has told. - That`s all that I know. Then by name the author of these remarkable verses, there is written Vladimir Slepak, has found the text - such very prolific author, he wrote FSB hymn, hymn GRU “.

Putin`s hymn has no musical value even if it is a parody, critic Artemy Troitsk is convinced.

“ if it is all it is written seriously, it is simply personal argument in favour of that Putin and its command stay in full marasmus, - has concluded Troitsk. - I think that it cannot impress, because it is obviously worthless. Such impression that is a parody. There was in due time a song about Putin that “ I want same, as Putin “ and it has been subjected such general jeer that this genre - “ a Putin pop-music “ - there and then also has ended. If here this song is published performed by military chorus, it will generate a large quantity of parodies to a parody and already all direct mockeries “.

As the candidate for presidents Vladimir Putin has already got a site on which the electoral programme is published. Putin has refused participation in debate.

“ whether offends you Vladimir Putin`s refusal of participation in teledebates? “. Such poll spends “ FM “ on the page in Facebook. Vote and share opinion you can also.