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Festival Picnic Posters grows

Picnic Posters a recognition has deserved for a long time already, thanks n no small part to a printing brand. By and large, from legislators of musical tastes now in Russia also there was only one magazine. It is especially interesting that it exposes on own festival - expectations here will be always great, and it is possible to count on much. This year on Picnic Posters will be what to listen both to snobs, and to the people is easier. Public is invited to have a rest cultural on July, 21st in memorial estate Kolomna .

the future Program Picnic at all its appeal it appears if not secondary it is exact not too new. Russian indi - groups which it is almost universal shine minor scenes, already had time to be lighted repeatedly on clubs and mini - to festivals of this summer. Besides the nearest consideration of the previous programs of festival finds out quivering love of organizers and the magazine to the same groups. Whether it be Motorama, Fuck Buttons, NRKTK or The Retuses. Even acting on the main scene Pompeya by July of this year became already a platitude.

With headliners all is much more interesting. picnic Posters except for tireless the Aquarium and favourite on a post - pankovoj memories Franz Ferdinand, the sensible priest - a set exposes. With Pet Shop Boys there was a situation every cloud has a silver lining . Being put instead of unwell and limited quantity of performances Bjork, they last time play a concert on motives of album Yes. Well it or is bad - clearly not so. To look once again at a scene collected from cubes, memorable on last arrival, pleasantly, but two months prior to an exit of new album Elysium it will be strange. As at Pet Shop Boys other concerts it is not expected in this summer.

In a theme it will be sinti - asterisk Little Boots and handsome man Mika also promising soon on an album. From Franz Ferdinand also it is possible to wait for novelties, whether though they are necessary after former achievements - already big question.

For soul and hip - hop on prosponsored Coca - Cola to a scene answer Mos Def and Lorin Hill, and it abruptly. But what for there have pushed sempladelikov Messer Chups and rapper Vladi - a question opened.

Along with Petersburg in the Stereosummer Picnic Posters now one of the rare phenomena at us when the program is under construction not simply under venerable headliners, but as a whole imparts taste of audience, let and come on Picnic casually. This year in Kolomna public, seemingly, will see the updated variant: the Poster has grown to names which are not a shame for bringing and on a solo performance to any decent concert hall.

Here, truth, festival gets to a plug. The action and more abruptly actors is larger, the it is more risk to be entered in a mainstream. Speech if goes about taste, about accessible any more only to those who runs in a booth behind a magazine hot to read about group IfWe, but also quite to itself private soldiers to hunters behind hits. On the one hand, it is possible to rejoice only: festivals with such sensible structure of headliners as this year, in Russia it is not enough, the taste inoculation never will damage. With another - actors of this year represent already absolutely other cut.

Picnic Posters Last years gradually drifts from a certain elitism towards normal open festival and hastens to please already to all successively, except unless punks and metallistov. If a year or two from now here will bring somebody like Adele, Skrillex or Foo Fighters, anybody, perhaps, at all will not be surprised.