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FAS holds deputies in a tone

are brought actions against the regional authorities which have forbidden sales energetikov

As it became known daily, the Federal antimonopoly service (FAS) has brought actions in the relation of Legislative Assemblies of the Arkhangelsk region and the Krasnodar territory which has outlawed in the territories separate kinds of drinks. In the north deputies have forbidden retails of any alcohol more poorly 9 degrees, except for beer, in the south - the tonics containing caffeine. Actions of legislators contradict the Constitution, the law on trade and the law on competition protection, manufacturers of drinks who have complained en face consider.

As it became known daily, on the eve of coming into force of regional laws (since July, 1st) the branch organisations - National association of weak alcohol (NASA) and the Union of manufacturers of soft drinks and mineral waters - have addressed en face with the request to stop infringements by antimonopoly law local authorities.

Yesterday under these statements the service has brought actions in the relation of Legislative Assemblies of the Arkhangelsk region and Krasnodar territory, the head of department of control of authorities FAS Vladimir Mishelovin has declared daily. Actions of the regional authorities, in his opinion, contradict the basic constitutional principle about unity of the Russian Federation . It is a question of an absolute prohibition of a turn of a separate kind of production in separate subjects of Russia, the interlocutor daily marks. FAS considers that it is the competence of the federal government and in case of need such interdictions should be entered in all territory of the country.

the Law of Krasnodar territory contradicts at once to several federal laws, the president of the Union of manufacturers of soft drinks Dmitry Petrov confirms. In particular, it is a question of infringement of item 74 of the Constitution of Russia, the law on trade and the law on competition protection. By words g - on Petrov, the Krasnodar authorities understand almost all soft drinks as nonalcoholic tonics, under this definition get including Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, Tarhun and others.

In 2007 the Krasnodar authorities already entered restriction on sale of nonalcoholic tonics. However in 2009 the judicial board on civil cases of the Supreme court has cancelled the regional law, tells g - n Peters. the name of that document another, its formulations have been stated a little differently, but the essence was the same - the expert marks.

According to Russian STATE THAT 2007 and uniform sanitary - epidemiological and to hygienic requirements to the goods which are subject sanitary - to epidemiological supervision, limiting concentration of caffeine for nonalcoholic tonics should not exceed 150 mg on litre.

In Coca Cola caffeine goes as vkusoaromaticheskaja an additive and its maintenance in times of less norm specified in the VISITOR, confirms a press - the secretary of Russian office Coca Cola Vladimir Kravtsov.

We long were silent, hoping that the common sense will prevail over irresponsible populism of some politicians, - the representative of NASA has declared daily. - but now we will actively protect our branch which is on the verge of physical destruction .

the Interlocutor has reminded that following the results of the first half of the year 2012 the branch of low alcohol drinks has lost 48,3 %, manufacture has fallen to 7,8 million has given. In the concept of the state alcoholic policy signed by Vladimir Putin, among priority problems change of structure of consumption of spirits at the expense of decrease in a share of strong alcohol is designated, - the representative of association marks. - why then in regions forbid our drinks and do not enter interdictions for vodka?

the Interlocutor daily has told that representatives of branch met the authorities of the Arkhangelsk region. they, of course, hold the ground, but thus their readiness for dialogue inspires us hope of development of a compromise variant, - he speaks. - with the authorities of Krasnodar territory business is worse - they do not go on contact. Though, probably, considering tragedy in region, it it is now simple not to us .