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It is necessary to polish only service, to finish it to the European level

the Pro-rector business - schools SWISSAM Roger Vajtsenegger how to improve the hospitality industry in Petersburg

Annually some hundreds Russian citizens arrive in the Swiss schools of hotel business which hospitality in the industry are considered as the most prestigious. From this year at interested persons to get prestigious education there was a new option: business - school SWISSAM created in cooperation with ljutsernskim by Institute hotel, tourist and sobytijnogo of management (IMI), allows to make it, without leaving Petersburg. Preparation of the personnel for restaurants in cooperation with nju - jorkskim Institute of culinary formation (ICE) becomes the second direction of work SWISSAM. About the one whom and as will prepare new business - school, the correspondent daily MARK LAZIS has asked the pro-rector on study SWISSAM of ROGER VAJTSENEGGERA.

— Really now it will be possible to receive the diploma of the Swiss school of hotel business, without leaving Petersburg? Or it will be any house the diploma?

— We have really brought the program of training IMI slightly corrected taking into account the Russian realities (for example, in accounting sphere). But it will be the present Swiss diploma Higher Diploma In International Hospitality Management. And possibility to receive then degree of the bachelor in Europe.

As to preparation the head cook we adapted programs of our American partner, ICE, for Russia. The student can choose from three independent courses — culinary art, a batch and restaurant management — and to pass all three, or two of three, or only one depending on to what he wants to learn.

However, the diploma — it only the diploma. Much more important — Feedback which to us will be provided with the industry. I am assured that this summer during the first practice of our students managers of hotels and victualers will be convinced that SWISSAM lets out class experts.

— you think, feedback will be positive?

— I am assured that we are waited by success. The hospitality branch in Russia has essential deficiency of qualified personnel, but till now any educational institution similar on our level, in the country was not. Besides, I will notice: in everyone Swiss business - school 5 — 10 % of students have arrived from Russia. Now the same formation on quality well in the homeland, and for the smaller sum.

— interest to school is how much high from potential students?

— People very actively are interested. Turns on reception, of course, do not stand, but I and did not expect another, especially in the first year of existence. But I know precisely: everyone who will get education at this school, will necessarily find to itself(himself) good work, and quality of formation which we will give, quickly enough will make her name well-known.

— Whom do you see as the students?

— They are people, which are interested in promoting in the hospitality industry. It can be graduates of high schools, it people who already work in restaurant or hotel business can be more senior and want increase the cost on a labour market, at last, it there can be people who dream to open the hotel or restaurant and need knowledge.

Besides, we already have some arrangements on corporate training. Hotels and restaurants are ready to direct the perspective employees to our school. Sometimes they pay only a part of cost of training, sometimes — a course completely.

We have also programs of additional education for people which already have higher education and want to replace a field of activity or work in the industry and prepare for career growth. These programs, I am assured, will be claimed in Russia just as it occurs in Europe where they use steady demand.

— Feature of the Swiss schools of hotel business consists that they combine very strong academic formation with practice. It turns out that by the time of leaving school the graduate has both knowledge, and experience. How it will be in Petersburg?

— Exactly as. We approach To the organisation of practice very seriously, unlike the Russian institutes, for which organisation of practice for students frequently only formality. After all two - three weeks of practice — It by and large profanation and superfluous expenditure of time: as soon as the person starts something to understand, all comes to an end.

Our practice will last four - five months. This time it is enough to learn on - to the present and to test in business. At first to become impregnated with knowledge from the senior companions, and then to benefit hotel or restaurant. Here interest mutual.

— SWISSAM will ensure functioning to the graduates?

— we will have a department on mutual relations with representatives of the industry which will be engaged in selection of vacancies. For each student we will have a profile considering its wishes concerning the future work, its competence and etc. This profile will be considered, in particular, at definition on an industrial practice, and then and for selection of suitable positions. I talked to a large quantity otelerov and victualers, all of them unanimously speak: to Find good people for work — a huge problem. Thank God that now there are you . Many are ready to select on prestigious positions of students even during training at school, and we will promote this process.

— you can compare the Russian and European industry of hospitality? At what step we now are?

— For the last 10 — 15 years Russia has shown outstanding progress in this sphere. Today I can go to restaurant and find excellent meal. In 1994 when I have got for the first time to Moscow, there was no place to eat practically. The Same with hotels. It is necessary to polish only service, to finish it to the European level. Here this polishing will be promoted also by our school.