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Advertising do not value

In 2012 television advertising will rise in price in a federal aether only for 11 %, in regional - on 15 %, media auditor company Ebiquity believes. Even in the autumn TV channels and their sellers counted on the average on 20 - percentage growth of quotations. In other media advertising cost can grow on 7 - 17 %.
the Russian office of media auditor network Ebiquity publishes the forecasts on media inflation since 2005. For this purpose the company annually interrogates 30 advertisers from various commodity categories and with different level of the advertising budget. As a whole these clients provide 27 % of all advertising incomes of TV channels, their share and in other media is powerful, specifies Ebiquity. Earlier forecasts appeared in the autumn, but in 2011 the media auditor has made it only in the end of December: in September - November in expectation of the next wave of an economic crisis advertisers have taken a break and did not hasten to conclude the transaction the next year.

more than 60 % of respondents have reduced the advertising budgets To 2012 and only about 30 %, on the contrary, have increased, ascertains Ebiquity. Thus advertisers recognise that in all media advertising will rise in price. According to authors of the report, in a federal teleether media inflation will average 11 %, in regional - about 15 % that much more low, than initially declared television sales - houses. So, the general director of group Video of Interneshnl (VI; serves eight channels and five more advises) Sergey Vasilev in September assumed a television advertising rise in price in 2012 approximately on 20 %. Now the director for corporate communications VI Anton Charkin speaks already approximately about 10 %.

In the end of December of analytics of Dojche - bank following the results of a meeting with mister Vasilevym informed that at that point in time on TV already was zakontraktovano about 70 % of all annual stock that corresponds to indicators of previous years. Transactions consist at once for all year whereas in crisis 2009 advertisers preferred contracts for short term - one quarter or hardly more.

In outdoor advertising interrogated Ebiquity advertisers count on growth of quotations on the average on 16 %, in a press - on 9 %, on radio - on 7 % and, at last, on the Internet - on 17 %.

The estimation of media inflation for 2012 has presented and advertising group OMD Media Direction/ PHD, among which clients - MTS, PSA Citroen Peugeot, Frito Lay, the Sport master . Under its version, least quotations will grow on search the Internet - advertising (5 %) and the press (7 %). Television advertising in a federal aether will rise in price for 13 %, on radio - on 15 %. In naruzhke and media the Internet - advertising (the banners, emerging windows and similar formats) the group waits for media inflation in 20 %.

the Director for advertising ID Komsomol truth Vladislav Gemst almost agrees: advertising in newspapers will rise in price on 5 - 7 %. The operator of outdoor advertising News Outdoor largest in the country in October predicted 13 - 15 % of media inflation in 2012 for the branch. The sales manager and to development of operator Simon/ Clear Channel Vladimir Serkin also states an estimation in 15 %. Commercial director Mail. ru Group (the portal with the same name, a network Schoolmates ICQ, etc.) Alexey Katkov speaks about 10 - 15 % for banner advertising. Only radio speakers are adjusted on bolshee a rise in price, than by it is predicted. According to the vice-president European Group Media ( Europe Plus Retro FM Radio 7 etc.) on Maria Smirnovoj`s commercial activity, media inflation on radio can make this year 20 - 25 %. Real figures will be influenced as a whole by all economic conditions in the country, she adds.