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The Krasnodar officials are detained on the case of flooding in Krymske

Mayor Krymska Vladimir Ulanovsky and the former head of the Crimean area Vasily Krutko are detained within the limits of a legal investigation about flooding in Krymske. About it it is told in the message of Investigatory committee of the Russian Federation today. They are accused of the negligence which has entailed  destruction of people.

Under guards Victor Zhdanov fulfilling duties of head MKU " also is concluded; Management under the prevention of emergency situations and civil protection of municipal union the Crimean area “.

on July, 20th during the investigation of criminal case about mass  destruction of inhabitants of the Crimean area criminal case to signs of the crime provided ch has been brought. 3 items 293 criminal codes of Russian Federation (a negligence, that is inadequate execution by the official of the duties owing to the negligent relation to the service, entailed on imprudence death more than two persons).

“ All suspects are a part of the commission on the prevention and liquidation of emergency situations and to maintenance of fire safety “ - the Russian Federation is told in message SK.

Under the version of the investigation, as a result of inadequate execution by the specified officials of the duties, storm warnings in due time received by them on July, 5th and 6, 2012 about the predicted dangerous hydrometeorological natural phenomenon posing real threat for life and health of citizens, being in territory of the Crimean area, have not defined possible scales of act of nature, have not executed the duties assigned to them on timely and to population due notice about the dangers arising at an emergency situation of natural character, and its evacuation in safe areas.

“ Negligent actions of the specified officials have entailed heavy consequences in the form of death of 153 persons, staying on the city territory Krymska of the Crimean area of Krasnodar territory. Have been as a result essentially broken guaranteed by the Constitution of the Russian Federation of the right of citizens on life and the health protected by the law interests of a society and the state “ - inform in SK.

Now the consequence intends to petition for election concerning them a preventive punishment in the form of imprisonment.