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Observers from the VOICE declare numerous infringements on elections in Kasimove

an association Staff the VOICE organised in Ryazan Kasimove for supervision over a course of elections in local gordumu, declares the first infringements. As daily its member Alexander Behtold, most considerable of them - two facts vbrosa bulletins has told.

They are fixed on sites 13 and 2. In the first case the man managed to make vbros, but it have literally caught for a hand. Him have detained, in it the police now is engaged. And on a site 2 has not had time to throw, him have detained, therefore we know both quantity, and bulletins and in whose advantage they were. There there were six bulletins per lot an United Russia and six - for the candidate from ER Oleg Semenova on a nickname Ice cream - has explained g - n Behtold.

As he said, essentially complicates work of observers that absolutely on all sites it is forbidden to move. it is very difficult to fix infringement if you observe from one corner of a premise. Here at 14:25 on a site 15 chairman has removed the committee-man with the right of a deliberative vote from party the Apple . Just for moving - the lawyer of the VOICE has added.

Also he has added that such infringements, as delivery of several bulletins on one passport, bulletin delivery on x-copies of the passport and arrival on the house to those citizens by whom demands for that did not do are fixed.

Under messages of local mass-media, the secretary of political council of branch of Kasimova of the Ryazan regional branch of Party an United Russia Oleg Semenov in which advantage it was planned vbros bulletins, is the director of independent establishment the Leader and independent establishment the rowing Center Syntul and also it is known criminal past, whence there was its nickname.