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More than 1 thousand military men leave today Krymsk

the Grouping of military men of the Minister of Defence, taking part in liquidation of consequences of flooding in Krymske, finishes works in the zone of responsibility. The press is told about it - services of the Minister of Defence in the message. Today more than 1 thousand military men come back to a place of constant service.

the First leave a city of division from Maikop, the Rostov region, Novorossisk military - sea base and Krasnodar territory, all about 1,1 thousand persons. Also from a city 40 units of technics " are taken out; - quotes RIA Novosti news agency the message a press - services of Southern military district. In it it is noticed that all within the next two days from Krymska it will be deduced about 4,3 thousand persons.

Thus in a city remains about 1,2 thousand Military men 7 Guards desantno - an assault division and connections of railway armies which will continue to work over an accomplishment of Krymska which have suffered from elements.

On the night of July, 7th the strongest flooding on Kuban has carried away lives of 172 persons, has suffered an order of 35 thousand persons, is flooded over 7 thousand houses.