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the Union with the block from five space vehicles started from Baikonur

Today at 10:41 Moscow time from a starting complex of a platform of the cosmodrome Baikonur is executed rocket firing of space appointment the Union - FG with razgonnym the block (RB) the Frigate intended for deducing into an orbit of space vehicles (KA) - Russian Kanopus - In and MKA - FKI ( the Probe - software ) Belarus BKA, TET - 1 (Germany) and ADS - 1B (Canada).

According to tsiklogrammoj flight the head block in structure RB the Frigate and the block from five KA has regularly separated from the third missile stage - the carrier then RB has continued deducing of space vehicles into target orbits. The press is told about it - Russian Space Department services in the message.

Branch of space vehicles Russian Kanopus - In Belarus BKA and German TET - 1 from razgonnogo the block it is planned from 11:26 till Moscow time, and MKA - FKI ( the Probe - software ) And Canadian ADS - 1B at 13:00 Moscow time.

the Previous start-up from Baikonur has been carried out on July, 15th, reports. Then to the International space station the space piloted ship " has gone; Union TMA - 05 .

Into structure of crew of new expedition have entered the cosmonaut of Federal space agency (Russian Space Department) - the commander Union TMA - 05 Yury Malenchenko, astronaut NASA of Sanita Uilljams and the astronaut of Japanese space agency Akihiko Hoshide.