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The woman, trying to burn itself at office an United Russia has died

In Novosibirsk Valentina Gerasimov who has arranged on July, 18th, 2012 the certificate of self-burning in reception party " has died; an United Russia the radio station informs on it Echo Moscow . Next days after self-burning 50 - summer women has run in whom.

on July, 18th, 2012 in Novosibirsk, on Lenin`s area, there was a fire in a four-storeyed building trading - business centre in the afternoon. Fire has captured a party reception uniform Russia . The reason was that the woman who has come there has poured over itself gasoline and has set fire. As a result also has suffered 42 - the summer employee of a public reception.

Earlier in an United Russia Have informed that in 2011 the woman has addressed for the first time in a reception concerning disagreement with the taken out judgements on a problem of compensation of expenses on participation in share building, reports. In 2007 she has concluded the contract of share building. However in connection with default by the company of treaty provisions has terminated it. To it have returned the sum which it has enclosed in building, however have not indemnified a loss from using money resources.

On this point in question the woman has addressed with the statement of claim in court, however its claim requirements have not been supported. Since 2011 by Gerasimovoj it has been rendered more than 30 consultations, however a legal aid it remained is dissatisfied.