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the Preliminary program is, more likely, not proshchupyvaniem soils, and the invitation to dialogue

the Project of the program of Vladimir Putin on site Putin2012 has prepared an United Russia instead of the prime minister, has declared a press - the secretary of the prime minister Dmitry Peskov. It has explained that the author`s program over which the head of the government works personally, will be published later. The first zam the secretary of presidium gensoveta an United Russia Andrey Isaev has given the comment to leader Alexey Korneyev.
- here any arise neponjatki with the project of the program of Vladimir Putin. It has appeared on site Putin2012, and earlier mister Neverov named it Putin`s really electoral programme. Then in the evening already with the statement the press - the secretary of the prime minister has acted, and it has explained that the author`s program over which the head of the government works personally - Sand declares it any more for the first time - will be published later - till February, 12th. What do we see? Here clear a situation.

- I so believe that it is the project of the program which was presented by Vladimir Vladimirovich. He hopes that in this skeleton very sound, very good, essential skeleton of the program will arrive remarks and offers from its supporters. It not only members and supporters of party from an United Russia but also participants of the organisation the Popular front . I, for example, know that in the end of January the general council of Federation of independent trade unions of Russia which too actively participated in " will gather; the Popular front also intend to state the wishes and the offers in an electoral programme of the president. I think that taking into account these offers which will arrive, the program will be developed and given on a general review. For today Putin, perhaps, unique candidate who has presented the project for discussion. Other candidates will please us with the opinions which will formulate in any image without participation of broad masses of voters.

- but here such there was still a history that when this project have hung out on a site, it has received a large quantity of negative estimations. And, by the way, the greatest rating (98 %) was received by the offer to Putin to retire. Here, maybe, here any interrelation?

- Yes is not present, I think that here there is no interrelation. Against Putin, against an United Russia there is an active campaign. It is most actively conducted on the Internet. It is we all perfectly we know. This campaign is financed. Financing sources at all do not hide, they is opened about it speak. Certainly, they work. Putin`s program has appeared in the beginning of the working day. The majority of people, busy during this moment, did not participate in wide voting and discussion. It will help to estimate those who participated in this discussion. Now the situation has already considerably changed, and this offer which has initially typed so many voices, already where - that there at the tail-end.

- it is simply enough strange: the program has appeared, and then mister Peskov, it is possible to tell, from it otkreshchivaetsja.

- is not present. I think that it is simple nesostykovka and it is connected by that on different channels there is a different information. I, for example, from the very beginning heard, heard, that there was the program project, which Vladimir Vladimirovich with pleasure will finish taking into account offers of citizens.

- that is, he saw this program, Vladimir Putin, the program which is published?

- Hundred percent of it it is convinced. If you look, this program is very close under the text to the program the Popular front And it too is not casual, because, I will remind that the program " all the summer long was discussed; the Popular front two million person have submitted the offers, Vladimir Putin very in detail, very seriously solved these offers, and, certainly, it the project, the program skeleton has made on the basis of the program the Popular front . But has now passed certain quantity of time, the society has been involved in the wide public discussions, any questions are already solved, any else it is necessary to solve and designate during this discussion. And consequently, I so think that on the basis of that discussion, those offers which will arrive, Vladimir Vladimirovich will finish a definitive variant of the program.

- That is, it is such variant when the preliminary program is published, it is such proshchupyvaniem soils, public opinion studying

is is as though, more likely, at all proshchupyvaniem soils, and the invitation to dialogue, the invitation to offers. Once again I will repeat, here for today the unique candidate who has given the program preliminary for discussion that then taking into account this discussion to publish the total. All other candidates, we now it see more and more, please us with own conclusions and conclusions

- Simply not so was the history with the most this program which at first has appeared is clear, then was found out that the prime minister writes the personal any program

- Here about mess too would like to tell. The law demands, that if the political party proposes the candidate for presidents, it should present the program document. Such program document has been accepted at congress, at the third stage of congress which has taken place in November. Vladimir Vladimirovich has told that it, certainly, uses this document as one of bases of the program. But all - taki struggle for a post of the president is a competition not between parties even, and between persons. And it, it is natural, as the person as a figure which applies, in my opinion, enough deservedly, heading our country the next six years, will present the vision. It will include also party and offer offers the Popular front it is simple, as it seems to me, even more widely, because outside of party, outside of the Popular front It is a lot of people who were not defined today yet with the voice for which any moments which, maybe, we did not see are important or we miss, but which it as the leader applying for national leadership, can improve.

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