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The airport of Madagascar does not work from - for revolt of military men

In territory of military barracks near the airport of capital of Madagascar Antananarivo has flashed firing, Russian service " transfers; Bi - bi - si . From - for it airport work has been suspended. According to representatives of military command, at the moment the situation is under control.

This morning (on Sunday) some elements had really been undertook mutiny attempt - results agency France - a press of a word of the minister of armed forces of general Andre Ljusena Rakotoarimsi. Firing has stopped, however airport work is suspended.

Political crisis on Madagascar proceeds from the beginning of 2009 when on island disorders from - for discontent with the former president of the country Mark Ravalomananoj which accused of dictatorship creation have begun, RIA Novosti news agency reports. Now eks - the president is in exile in the republic of South Africa.

the Obstacle for the crisis permission are attempts of Ravalomanany to return home and take part in following elections of the head of the state. In January of current year the aviation service of Madagascar has not authorised for landing to the plane in which Ravalomanana came back.