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Kitchen for tourists

the Original system will cook food without fire and fuel

the British company Trekmates has developed device Flamless Cook System for cooking in the open air or in tent. Thanks to system of chemical heating the traveller should not plant a fire.

the Manufacturer of the device has taken care of that fans of productive leisure and campaigns could make to themselves a dinner practically in any conditions. Independent system Flamless Cook consists of two containers - external, from heat-resistant plastic, and internal, from stainless steel, and also from disposable packages with a special chemical mix which allocate heat at contact to a liquid.

to start cooking, it is necessary to put a package in the plastic container, to fill in with its water and to place from above the metal container. Water will begin to boil approximately in 15 minutes and will warm up everything that the tourist will consider it necessary to prepare in metal to a pan . As the package is tight and to food does not adjoin, it is possible not to worry that it as - that will affect a ready dish.

De - fakto company Trekmates has improved system which the American military tens years used for cooking in the open air.

the System with the metal container in volume of 850 ml is on sale at the price of 45 dollars, and the set from seven packages will manage in 15 dollars