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Phone will share emotions of the owner

SMS can reflect real mood of the one who writes it

the Canadian company RIM, the manufacturer of smart phones and tablets BlackBerry, patents technology of the notification about emotions which were tested by author SMS at the moment of its writing. The technique uses some gauges, and also scans a look of the person at typing.

to express such feelings as fear, pleasure, anger or grief, it is accepted to use smilies which, of course, transfer mood of the author, but reduce a dialogue spontaneity: the person can hide the true feelings.

the New technology from RIM will allow to inform on real emotions which were tested by the person during set SMS. It becomes possible thanking akselerometru, to the face-to-face chamber and the gauges measuring force of pressing the screen. It is supposed that the smart phone can supervise even a blood pressure and frequency of warm reductions of the person. As a result of the phrases written to furies, will be noted by word Frantic!, the allocated red bold type.