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Baker`s dozen of Bank of Russia

For the Central Bank first half of the year has withdrawn licences at thirteen banks

Bank of Russia during the current year has accelerated licence withdrawal from banks. For the first half of the year the regulator has withdrawn twice more licences, than for the same period in 2011 and 2010. Experts consider that if pressure in the liquidity market will increase, the tendency on leaving of banks in a non-existence will amplify.

In the first half of the year of current year of the Central Bank has withdrawn licences at thirteen credit organisations. During the same period of 2011 the regulator has withdrawn only seven licences, and in first half of 2010 - six. The licence withdrawal reasons have changed also. If earlier many banks handed over the party membership card for work in bank sector from - for infringements of norms antiotmyvochnogo the law, now - from - for financial problems.

Someone from banks spent vysokoriskovannuju the credit policy and did not execute the requirement of instructions of Bank of Russia, someone did not create reserves on possible losses under loans in the size adequate to accepted risks, someone in connection with liquidity loss could not pay off in time with creditors. So, for example, at Vitasbanka and Velkombanka sufficiency of the capital at the moment of licence withdrawal has appeared below 2 % at the minimum value of 10 %.

According to the head of Association of the Russian banks Garegina Tosunjana, any bases to reproach the Central Bank in any accelerated process on licence withdrawal is not present. I without special delight, but also without special dramatisation look at this statistics. There were years when and till 30-40 licences responded for a year. I think, the Bank of Russia makes decisions in process of occurrence of problems. If there are offences and the bases for a response, let are withdrawn - has noted g - n Tosunjan.

the President of association of regional banks Russia Anatoly Aksakov believes that process on licence withdrawal was stimulated by the decision on increase in the capital of banks to 180 million rbl. since January of current year. Besides, the beginning of year for banks was heavy of - for situations with liquidity. If the situation is aggravated also pressure in the liquidity market will increase, it is obvious that bolshee the number of banks can leave from the market, - considers g - n Aksakov. - in the conditions of crisis to toughen specifications not the best measure. In my opinion, it was necessary to do it after crisis passage. Simply these decisions have been prepared last year when banks tested surplus of liquidity. The situation has changed, and now not the best time was to enter them, it would be necessary to wait .

yesterday the head of the Central Bank Sergey Ignatyev recognised that a situation with liquidity difficult. Now at us some deficiency of liquidity is felt, including because at us while capital outflow " is observed; - has told g - n Ignatyev.