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Putin`s Long-awaited program was not published yet

the Press - the secretary of premieres - the minister Dmitry Peskov in interview of the leader FM to Anna Kazakovoj has commented on a situation round the program published today on a pre-election site of Vladimir Putin.

- on a site it is impossible to consider the program official?

- Is not present, you know, look, at us the matter is that under the selective legislation, when at the congress, presented to parliament, the candidate for presidents is put forward (as it has been made at congress an United Russia ) That is subject to publication the program of the candidate, such its compressed variant, as has been made, which has in many respects absorbed in itself national elements, the national programs prepared within the limits of ONF and so on. And this program, it, actually, in program section of a site also is published. Probably, the defect can consist that we is detailed it have not explained. And consequently, probably, assotsiirovali with this document here Putin`s that long-awaited program over which he works. But I once again repeat: Putin`s program will be published still. It for the present was not published.

is there will be such expanded variant of what now is available, or any changes all - taki are possible?

is there will be a bit different variant. Certainly, elements all will enter, many elements will enter. But, besides, it will be a fruit of work of the candidate.

- it will be appreciable to differ from the published program?

is there will be other style.

- why on a site practically it is not mentioned an United Russia ?

- Because it is a question of presidential election. He/she is the candidate for presidents. It is a personnel. In this case - Vladimir Putin. And consequently the site is devoted it.

- if to speak about comments of Internet users, Vladimir Putin will be as - that them to consider? And truth, what they moderirujutsja?

- it is unconditional. Will pass rejtingovanie arriving offers, reasons and so on. The Most rating, certainly, will be considered.

- these comments moderirujutsja? In the afternoon there there were appeals to Putin to retire, not to participate elections.

- Is not present. I will explain. They there also are. Actually, anybody deleted nothing, simply there there were also attempts of hacker attacks and so on, and there was agiotage enough attendance at us, at us more than 200 thousand were where - that an hour ago. And system, of course, hardly - hardly podvisala. At us during any moment all file has simply flied, but it is not destroyed, anything, it or has already appeared and in access for those who wishes to see, or will appear. But now the system was restored, it already works.

- why mister Putin refuses, judging by your words, to participate in teledebates?

- I never said that mister Putin refuses to participate in teledebates. Here if you look attentively it, we will tell so, is such interpretation. Said about that participation in teledebates will not allow to carry out in due volume to Putin the duties of premieres - the minister, the chairman of the government as it in holiday as we know, does not leave, it continues to work as the chairman of the government. To participate in teledebates is means to make out holiday, to carry out various actions which are ordered by the selective legislation, that is, we will tell so, it will not allow to it to work in full. Thereupon we, of course, think over a variant of obligatory participation of its representative. A phrase that he has definitively refused, we never said.

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