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The government takes Russians in co-authors

However to dismiss the president or to cancel taxes any interested person who has collected 100 thousand of supporters will not allow

next year, can initiate own law. To make it it will be possible through the mechanism the Russian public initiative which concept has prepared Ministry of economic development and trade. Russians can publish the offers on the special portal, most popular of them will be considered by the government and can be accepted in the form of the law.

In April Vladimir Putin has charged to the government to make a civil society the co-author of all spent by the power in the country of transformations . To realise this Ministry of economic development and trade (MAYOR) offers through a special portal on which each interested person can place own legislative initiative, follows from the concept the Russian public initiative .

Before appearing on a site, each initiative will pass two stages of check: at first linguistic which will cut all offers containing obscene expressions, threat of life and appeals to extremist activity, then legal. On a portal the offers, concerning changes of the status of the subject, election or the termination of powers of officials, amendments to the budget and tax system will not be published. when we did this list, were guided by that list of exceptions which is provided by the legislation on a referendum - the head of department of state regulation in economy MAYOR Alexey Hersontsev has explained daily. agree, if someone leaves with the initiative about cancellation of taxes, all at once for it will vote - it results an example.

the Spectrum of lifted questions can be most different. For example, at introduction of similar system in the European Union among the first offers there was a refusal of roaming, an interdiction for use of an embryo of the person for the research purposes and the offer on increase of safety of foodstuff. In Great Britain a circle of questions wider: from carrying over of monuments to abolition of capital punishment. At system introduction in Russia the MAYOR is guided by those offers which will demand change of the federal legislation. therefore the initiatives connected with an accomplishment or something else, is not here - summarises g - n Hersontsev.

Offers which will take place examination, will be placed on a portal. The initiatives which have collected for year of 100 thousand of votes, will arrive in the special governmental commission. If the offer is supported by experts and federal authorities, the commission will give the commission to develop the corresponding bill. To make comments on the initiative on a portal it will be impossible, however all documents referring to it, will publish. The portal can already begin work next year, assures g - n Hersontsev.

Creation of such portal can manage in 30-40 million rbl. for the first year of work of a site, the general director of one of firms which already was engaged in working out of media resources by request of the government has counted up. to create a resource not a problem. Working out a cursor will cost cheaply enough - from 1 million to 5 million rbl. depending on complexity of the project - the interlocutor speaks. The basic expenses will have on accompanying services . As the site assumes the user activity it is required to sate at first a resource with a content (5-7 million rbl. it is necessary to spend for staff), to launch marketing campaign (5-6 million rbl.) And to involve forumchan on a site (about 30-40 rbl. at the rate on one user) - he considers. Staff of moderators the person which cumulative salary can make 10-15 million rbl. Besides, is required at 10-20, the expert speaks.

Anyway public organisations have enough offers. in our program about 100 pages, there thousand offers, including minimum wage rate increase, an interdiction of extra work, an interdiction for dismissal of trade-union workers - the secretary of Federation of independent trade unions Alexander Shershukov notices. However to the mechanism it has concrete claims: There is a strange situation when the initiative of the person supported in 100 thousand like, has bolshee value, than organisation offers which includes millions citizens . As an example it results the trade union, where only in Sverdlovsk branch more than 1 million members. If to develop representation, it is necessary to do it and in real life - it is assured g - n Shershukov.