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Putin has weighed risks

the President prepares for crisis

Economic Council at the president has assured Vladimir Putin: the future crisis though does not promise global shocks, but will be tightened for a long time. The head of the Savings Bank Herman Gref even has started to earn additionally at night.

the President has asked Economic Council: How to resist to approaching crisis? experience like is, but after all repeats nothing twice: at each crisis the introduction.

the World waits the long period of uncertainty, but without the shock phenomena, the chairman of board of directors of MDM - bank Oleg Vjugin has assumed. light in the end of a tunnel will appear, when the USA and Europe will regain control over situation, - Vjugin has declared. - from failure in recession the West while is rescued by measures of financial stimulation. If the tool such also remains, we are waited by the long period of a poor development .

Only four of 27 countries of an eurozone correspond to criteria of economic stability of EU, group economist Deutsche Bank Yaroslav Lisovolik has reminded. Economic recession and a state debt in a combination can strengthen each other and lead to a vicious circle which Europe can break off only at the expense of structural reforms. For example, will sharply raise labour productivity.

the Present generation lived on credit, there was a deformed structure of demand, operating director IK " has specified; the Three Dialogue Evgenie Gavrilenkov: Someone should for it pay off: either the future generation, or present, having raised pension age .

the Director of Institute of world economy Alexander Dynkin considers that the instability period will last three - four years. Split of political elite in Europe and the USA creates risk of emotional and human errors. the main intrigue of approaching crisis: The new model of growth should affirm as the world. Here again it is the extremely important to keep macroeconomic stability, - Dynkin advised. - Pertinently to prepare the statement of the president or the prime minister that the Federal Agency of the financial markets and financial investigation Service will make investigation for a conclusion of resources abroad. Even if we will not carry out this monitoring, to tell about it all the same it is necessary . to Frighten that is? - Putin has burst out laughing. - we liberalised the market. We will frighten - will not come .

the Head of the Central Bank Sergey Ignatyev has confirmed that capital export frequently a part of the scheme directed on leaving from taxes, legalisation of recoil to officials or drug-dealing. but if the person of money has earned also apartment in Bulgaria has bought, anything terrible (the general director of Agency of strategic initiatives Andrey Nikitin and president RSPP Alexander Shokhin knowingly smiled). - Than it prestupnee, than iPad abroad to buy? Export of capitals is abroad bad at all times, not only in crisis .

the Most unfavourable forecast was given by the head of the Savings Bank Herman Gref. the economy became global, all very quickly changes, - it ascertained. - quantity of risks which influence national economy and the companies so many that we not in a condition them to supervise. Results of work of the Savings Bank do not influence in any way cost of our actions. But if any bank in Chile has not paid money to investors, it can bring down our actions. Volatilnost huge .

the head of the Savings Bank has continued the Monologue from words: I today the private businessman Well - ka, from here is more detailed... - its Putin has interrupted. that is the manager I, - has recovered Gref, having added: - And that, the law does not forbid me to be the businessman, I earn additionally at night .

Systems of managements are inadequate bystromenjajushchemusja to the world, - Gref continued. - we too inert, everywhere are late . you mean not only us, but also Europe? - the president has specified. unfortunately, the whole world, - Gref has explained. - we cannot operate risks, but we can them monitorit. I suggest to create system of monitoring of macrorisks of the state . I do not agree that it is impossible to predict anything, - Putin has smiled. - Gref here predicts that nothing can be predicted. The main thing - we should learn effectively work in conditions volatilnosti where us have involved, and, apparently, for a long time .