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To the State Duma threaten overtime

Naryshkin will smooth out the State Duma from hundreds bills which have stale from last convocations

After holiday of deputies additional work waits - the speaker of the State Duma Sergey Naryshkin has disposed to think over on Friday the delivery mechanism tails under the bills brought in the previous convocations. Besides, utility of laws will be estimated also: on the instructions of the chairman of the lower chamber special attention will give to practice of application of laws.

the Chairman of the lower chamber of parliament Sergey Naryshkin has suggested committees to accelerate preparation for consideration by chamber of the bills brought in the previous convocations. The sad statistics of work of deputies with bills shows that from 571 documents, accepted by State Duma council to consideration by the lower chamber, 417 still in work. And it only following the results of spring session. Therefore it is entrusted to committee on regulations and organisation of work of the Duma to prepare offers on carrying out of additional sessions to consider the stale bills. Besides, it is offered to committee to correct regulations regarding an establishment of optimum procedure of their consideration .

Even during spring session g - n Naryshkin did attempts to close tails under the brought bills (to the session termination in the agenda of the such pieces accumulated till 70-80) and suggested people`s choices to remain longer planned time and to work. On it deputies went not so willingly - some time having been late no more than on half an hour. An exception, of course, became a working-to-rule strike when people`s choices remained in a hall of plenary sessions till midnight. But then it was a question of consideration of only one bill.

the Most part of the remained bills is doomed to a deviation, and in the autumn the Duma simply will begin them to clear away the deputy director of the Center of political technologies Alexey Makarkin considers. Changes in regulations, in its opinion, can lead to quantity improvement, instead of qualities - some of the remained bills cease to be useful even to authors. variety of these laws are brought by deputies who already and in the State Duma do not work - the political scientist speaks.

Except additional sessions g - n Naryshkin has set a problem for the Duma committees to make active monitoring of practice of application of the legislation taking into account corresponding spheres of their competence . Possibly, changes will force people`s choices to prepare working laws really necessary to a society, instead of to exercise the right of the legislative initiative for pushing through of someone`s narrow interests, for own public relations or at all a fun for the sake of.

really interesting to people and important laws for citizens some percent at the best - speaks g - n Makarkin. All the rest is or that interests narrow groups of lobbyists, or of a sort of the same public relations. Are advertised all on - to a miscellaneous, - the interlocutor daily marks and adds: - Opposition, bringing popular social bills, appeals to the supporters. Some members of parliament from party of the majority wish to show the utility, the kreativnost, to show that supposedly I should be advanced, - they introduce the laws directed on toughening of the law which too infrequently pass .

We should stop practice, when bills long years pyljatsja on parliamentary regiments. To us also it is important, passing of the laws necessary to the country, to learn to analyze results of their application. At the very beginning of autumn session our committee will offer the mechanism of the decision of these problems - the head of committee of regulations and the organisation of work of State Duma Ildar Gabdrahmanov has commented on commissions of the speaker.