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The new prime minister of Italy wants to be more close to Putin

On the threshold of a meeting with Vladimir Putin the new prime minister of Italy Mario Monti has declared necessity of integration of Russia for the European Union. To the visitor who has replaced on a post of friend Putin Silvio Berlusconi, with mission to deduce the country from crisis activity of Russia in search of the most effective decisions " imposes; for the sake of guarantees of the international stability and safety on continent .

Today the president of Russia Vladimir Putin will accept in Bocharovom the Stream (Sochi) the new prime minister of Italy, the successor of friend Silvio Berlusconi — Mario Monti. On November, 12th, 2011 g - n Berlusconi, as well as promised, has left a post of premieres - the minister of Italy. The president of republic Dzhordzho Napolitano has appointed the known economist, the former eurocommissioner and the president of prestigious university Bokkoni Mario Monti to its place. G - well Monti should be made that Berlusconi could not: To deduce the country from crisis.

Italy is interested in relations with Russia and as the separate country, and as a member of the European Union — has declared on the threshold of the first visit to Russia g - n Monti. The general space of EU will create an additional field for teamwork, the Italian prime minister is assured. I hold the opinion that EU now one of major factors of integration of economy, social systems and the European people, it and the factor of the changes directing the countries by the way of development and modernisation, — has explained g - n Monti. — Russia, certainly, a part of Europe, and we would like, that high level Russian - the Italian relations has been transferred to a plane evropejsko - Russian .

G8 and G20 during crisis become more effective institutes, the head of the Italian ministry considers. When it seems that crisis is overcome, some slackness, and, accordingly, comes G8 and G 20 become less effective — considers Mario Monti. Dissociation — the reason of set of actual problems of Europe, he has added.

Italy actively supports liberalisation of a visa regime with Russia for an exchange of ideas and free movement, and also a universalisation of economic space has reminded g - n Monti. we Believe, as Russia sees the purpose the big economic integration from EU, — the Italian prime minister has expressed. — president Putin at recent meeting of ambassadors of Russia has sounded idea about uniform economic space from Atlantic to Pacific ocean. Russia aspires to more sated political cooperation in the field of settlement of crisis situations and search of the most effective decisions for the sake of guarantees of the international stability and safety on continent. We regard it as an additional field for teamwork .