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Helicopter Mi - 8 has crash-landed in the Tomsk region

Belonging to airline Tomsk Avia helicopter Mi - 8 has made today rigid landing in the Tomsk region. Onboard there were 22 persons, victims are not present. Three have suffered.

the Helicopter transported people from village Bakchar in settlement Luginetsky. At one of victims suspicion on a fracture of spinal column, at the second victim – a foot laceration. One more person is delivered for additional inspection in OKB with complaints to a thorax bruise - it is informed on a regional site of the Ministry of Emergency Measures.

According to preliminary data, at the helicopter the tail beam was disconnected and are destroyed the helmsman and bearing screws. Head Tomsk Avia Victor Marenkin has declared RIA Novosti news agency that the helicopter has not reached a place of landing 30 - 50 m and has started to be filled up on the right board.

Now the regional transport Office of Public Prosecutor checks, whether safety has been observed at flight according to the legislation of the Russian Federation. Circumstances of an event are specified.

Only for 2011 of failures with participation of Mi - 8 was more than ten. Last case has occurred on April, 24th this year when the military helicopter has made rigid landing near Khabarovsk. Three crewmen were traumatised lungs.