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The batman: the End

In hire - the Dark knight: legend revival Christopher Nolana

the Final part of the trilogy of Christopher Nolana about the Person - a bat. Wayne (Christian Bejl) lives the hermit, refuses to meet with investorshej (Marion Kotijjar), but with interest looks at the waitress (Ann Heteuej) who has pulled down pearls of his mother and prophesies that the storm " will soon burst;. From old acquaintances - Michael Kejn as the butler of the Batman, Morgan Friman as it zam on a science and Gary Oldman in a role of commissioner Gordon. The storm has burst in the name of athlete Bejna (That Hard), grasped a city. It is in parallel told about a certain child who when - that has managed to get out of terrible prison. From all film versions of the Batman nolanovskaja the trilogy as a whole looks the most gloomy and dramatic variant.

From the very beginning of the third part - a trick with kidnapping from the plane cracked hurriedly - any bases for doubts in creative imagination of Nolana (if they at whom were) vanish. Hans Tsimmera`s music, the Batman comes back, a phantom of Ra`s al the Rumble, the magnificent obverse muscles of Heteuej changing on not clear to what principle seasons in Goteme, revolution, the times of troubles, strange court, scale of destructions - all it does almost three hours of a film definitely fascinating. At all epichnosti in work at Nolana and absolutely subtle shades. When Morgan Friman, sparkling a bald head, rises on two metres on a short flight of stairs to escape from flooding, and balancing by the rushing truck of Gary Oldman, groaning, reaches for a detonator is as - that suddenly very much touches.

With socially - a political urgency which here directly sticks out, not all so is unequivocal. Army Bejna - mercenaries at war for money or the fighters convinced of the business? Capture of Gotema is that on lie (it is remembered, than has ended the Dark knight ) Order you will not construct, or about modern capitalism? About class struggle in one city or about struggle against the fanaticism which has come from the outside? About revolution this film or about reaction?

From the end 90 - h Warner Bros long enough made the decision on the one who will occupy an armchair of the director of a new film about the Batman. After several years of throwings between persons and scenarios Nolan became the director, and it was inspired including by classical short story Batman: Year One Frenka Miller, the American, the native of a large family of the Irish Catholics, one of Great comics in the world.

In the second part of the trilogy the director, reflecting on an image of the Joker, meant the character created by absolutely other god. Speech about Alan Moore, the British, the anarchist, the author V for Vendetta. By the way, for about a year back Moore desperately criticised Miller for its strong expressions about movement Occupy, has told even that they do not coincide with Miller in opinions on one question. Before playing Dzhokera Hitom Ledzherom there was a task in view for the standard to take the Joker from The Killing Joke Moore. Therefore, probably, also it was possible to make this character such live, anarchical, frightening, methods of struggle against it - disputable, and a film - dual.

In legend revival lives also do not suffice opponents of the Batman, and the rhetoric concerning class justice sounds unnaturally. Nevertheless the saga about the Person - a bat is a conservative history (about conservatism of the character wrote repeatedly, last interesting polemic was developed after the Dark knight and articles in The Wall Street Journal where the Batman compared to Bush - younger), from here and a discord. And consequently how history of the Batman Christopher Nolan as a result has finished, seems to best of the possible endings for all trilogy.