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The opera agiotage

Festival open-air in Petersburg could not contain all wishing

the Unknown agiotage has caused passed on last week in Petersburg festival open-air the Opera - all! . Opera representation " became the culmination; Iolanta in a smart court yard of the Mihajlovsky lock on which some hundreds persons could not get - the lock security service has closed gate, without having explained the reasons. It has appeared later that organizers of festival did not count that in cultural capital it will appear so many judges of an opera - elite, as a matter of fact, an art form, and the organising committee even had to convince the city authorities that concerts in general will interest someone.

the Input on all concerts of the first festival of opera music the Opera - all! was free. In total four concerts have open-air visited a 6 thousand order The person, Ekaterina Kashin has told daily the representative of organising committee. The first representation - an opera Life for the tsar Michael Glinka on a Peter and Paul Fortress Cathedral square - has taken place on July, 12th, then on July, 15th there have passed at once two statements: the Snow Maiden - on a lawn before Yelagin a palace in TSPKiO it. Of Kirov and the Demon - in a court yard of the academic chapel. we have noticed that with each concert the number of spectators increases, but, alas, to change something we simply were not in time, as advertising about places and time of carrying out of performances was everywhere - Ekaterina Kashin speaks.

opera representation " became the festival Culmination; Iolanta in a smart court yard of the Mihajlovsky lock. Eyewitnesses tell that for ten minutes prior to the beginning of performance the militia has ceased to pass people for court yard gate, without explaining the reasons. People arrived, were condensed, was then found out that is simple all places have inside appeared are filled and has been decided not to start up anybody any more, except for owners the VIP - admissions - interlocutors of the edition speak. They also notice that anybody would not have claims if the gathered have warned that places are not present and it is possible to disperse, but it has not been made. By data daily, even those who has got on representation, remained are dissatisfied: acoustics was bad and, besides, the crowd outside rustled.

the Decision to close gate in a court yard of the Mihajlovsky lock was accepted lock security service as the territory could not contain any more all interested persons, Ekaterina Kashin speaks. As she said, in a court yard to an opera listened about 2 thousand persons, and remained behind collars have been informed on a situation by security service. In our opinion, in crowd there was the certain initiative group consisting at all from fans of an opera which scanned slogans and tried to break representation - the representative of organising committee speaks. Ekaterina Kashin adds that the festival passes in Petersburg for the first time, and nobody expected that interest to it will be so great: last year an opera Vestalka in a chapel court yard has collected all about 700 spectators, besides summer - a season of holidays. when organizers made an application on actions, they had to convince us that they will collect though any public - tells a press - the secretary vitse - governor Vasily Kichedzhi Julia Strizhak. As she said, vitse - the governor in a course of a situation and together with organizers possible variants that it has not repeated will be considered. but to enter even the minimum payment for tickets it would be not so correct, it will contradict the idea of festival - Julia Strizhak considers.

the Editor of magazine the Dog. ru Vitaly Kotov assumes that, possibly, the agiotage this year speaks performances by wider advertising campaign which was not at last year`s representation, and also the worked effect sarafannogo radio . As Iolanta became finishing performance of festival - he adds.