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Underside of expensive grain

the High prices please rastenievodov and grieve manufacturers of meat

In the agrarian market of Russia there was an ambiguous situation. The prices for grain and in Ural Mountains continue to grow in the central part of the country from - for deterioration of an estimate of harvest. It is favourable rastenievodam, but raises risks zernotrejderov. For nothing from rising in price grain there are also cattle breeders. In particular, the cost price of manufacture of pork from - for a rise in prices for mixed fodders till the end of the year can jump up a minimum on 25 %.

last week the prices for the Russian grain have continued to grow, though rates of increase and became more low, than the last weeks, the chief executive of the analytical centre " has told daily; Sovekon Andrey Sizov - younger. For example, under its data, cost of ton of food wheat of the third and fourth classes has grown from July, 14 till July, 20th on the average for 125 rbl., to 8250 rbl. Whereas last week wheat has risen in price for 375 rbl. the Weekly rise in prices for fodder wheat of the fifth class was slowed down to 50 rbl. about 450 rbl.

Decrease in rates of increase of the prices is connected with market cooling in the North Caucasus where the prices during a week as a whole were stable, believes g - n Sizov. At the same time in regions of the Central Chernozem region grain of a new crop rose in price from - for becoming more active demand from exporters, the expert adds. In Ural Mountains grain also rose in price, as the first data about the gathering which has begun there has appeared worse expectations, the general director " speaks; Prograin Vladimir Petrichenko.

Stabilization of the prices in southern regions, probably, the temporary phenomenon, considers g - n Sizov. Constantly worsening kinds for a new crop of corn to the USA, record exchange quotations on wheat and corn in Chicago can be considered as the precondition for preservation povyshatelnogo a trend on world, and behind it and the Russian export market - he speaks. The top lath of growth of the internal prices is not reached yet, agrees g - n Petrichenko: Dynamics of the further growth will depend on the rate of exchange of rouble and forcing of market hearings .

High price levels will remain for the nearest agricultural season (till June, 30th, 2013), is assured g - n by Petrichenko: We leave on new price levels, and it is necessary to reject that expectation that we will return to low or to reasonable prices .

We leave on essentially new price level at which it is necessary to live in foreseeable prospect - the expert of Institute of a conjuncture of the agrarian market Oleg Sukhanov adds. Last years the largest zernoproizvodjashchie the countries - the USA, Russia, Australia - face natural cataclysms, and, to secure themselves, the large countries - importers will start to hedge these risks, creating stocks, he marks. In such situation agricultural manufacturers will not sell grain on 4 thousand rbl. for ton, the expert is assured.

Agricultural manufacturers lose grain from - for a bad weather, but those who manages to reap a crop, have quite good profit, tells g - n Petrichenko. But from it suffer zernotrejdery, receiving additional risks and growing costs, the expert adds.

Negative consequences expect also cattle breeders. At a current price level on grain and in case of their further growth the cost price otkorma pigs till the end of the year can grow a minimum on 25-30 %, the head of executive committee of National meat association Sergey Jushin considers. And it concerns only the highly effective enterprises which provide third of all internal volume of output of pork in the country, the expert underlines. The cost price otkorma on nizkoeffektivnyh svinokompleksah, in personal part-time farms and krestjansko - farms will grow even more, he is assured.